There are 380 trillion viruses in the human body. Why do we live well? Hero or it!

I don’t know if you have ever thought about such a problem. Human beings live on the earth, but there are a lot of bacteria in the air around them. Then why can human beings survive unharmed? This is due to the human immune system, the human skin is the largest immune organ, it can help us resist primary bacteria. But according to the research of scientists, there are 380 trillion viruses in the human body, but they have no effect on the human body. What’s the reason?

The virus in human body is symbiotic with human body

Viruses can not survive alone, it must rely on the host cells, absorb their nutrients, replicate and survive in their bodies, and the propagation speed of all viruses is very fast. There are many kinds of viruses, most of which are DNA viruses. Most of these viruses exist in mammals, insects and some vertebrates, so their harm is relatively small. Viruses have existed since the early days of life, so the struggle against viruses has never stopped. From ancient times to today’s modern society, human beings stand at the top of the food chain. Therefore, in the long natural evolution, human beings have evolved in addition to the best state needed by the environment.

In the long evolution, the defense ability of the human immune system has been continuously improved, so many viruses in the body can be removed, and some that can not be removed will be stored in the human body, live in peace with human beings, and will not pose a threat to the human body. These viruses and the human body have become “common life”. Some of these viruses combine with bacteria in the human body to become phages. Phages can absorb and devour a large number of bacteria, indicating that the human immune system has bacteria invasion, so that the immune system will start to clean up these bacteria after receiving the information, and can defeat some bacteria without taking medicine.

Phages can phagocytize viruses in the body

The mysteries of human body are endless. Although phages can devour some bacteria, other functions of phages cannot be verified by scientists. According to the data of scientists, the human body absorbs more than 30 billion phages every day, and these phages become the second line of defense to protect the human body. It is precisely because of these phages, phagocytosis of bacteria in human body every day, human beings can continue to survive unharmed.

The virus is not without advantages to the human body, such as era. This virus has existed in the human body for nearly 200 million years. The biggest function of this virus is to form a “natural barrier” with the placenta, which greatly improves the survival rate of the fetus. Therefore, some scientists say that the relationship between virus and human is symbiotic. Without virus, there would be no human today.

But the 380 trillion viruses parasitic in the human body are still full of unknowns. We can’t guarantee that these viruses will never mutate and pose a threat to human beings, which is also the problem scientists have to solve all their lives. What do you want to say about the 380 trillion viruses in the human body and their future? Welcome to comment area message exchange discussion.

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