There are 44 earthquakes of magnitude 5 or above in June in the world. Why do earthquakes occur frequently?

I believe many friends know that 2019 is the year of El Nino, which is synonymous with extreme climate. It tells us that 2019 will be a year with frequent natural disasters. El Nino tells us that 2019 will be an extraordinary year. Naturally, many people think that the temperature will not reach a new high, and there will be many typhoons, rainstorms and floods. But people ignore another disaster: earthquake.

In June 2019, there will be more typhoons and rainstorms all over the world, and many areas in southern China will enter the flood season ahead of time, so rainstorms will not happen. Since June, there have been 44 earthquakes of magnitude 5 or above in the world. Some time ago, another earthquake of magnitude 6.0 occurred in Sichuan, followed by 3 earthquakes of magnitude 5.0-5.9, 5 earthquakes of magnitude 4.0-4.9, 40 earthquakes of magnitude 3.0-3.9 and 125 earthquakes of magnitude 2.0-2.9.

This is the earthquake that happened in June in China. Look at so many. In the world, there are as many as 35 earthquakes of magnitude 5 or above. This is only the number of earthquakes in a month. There are more earthquakes of magnitude 5 or below. On June 20, another 6.3-magnitude earthquake occurred in Papua province, Indonesia, with a depth of 10 km.

According to the data of China earthquake monitoring network, as of 21:00 on June 20, the total number of earthquakes with magnitude 6 (including magnitude 6) or above in the world has reached 9, and the real situation may be more. This is only detected. We should know that human detection of earthquakes is not very advanced, so many earthquakes are still not detected in real time.

From the statistical data of earthquakes, on the whole, there were the most earthquakes in the world on June 16, with two 6.2-magnitude earthquakes and one 7.2-magnitude earthquake. At 09:05 on June 24, another earthquake of magnitude 6 or above occurred in the world. It was located in Papua province, Indonesia, with a central position of 2.77 degrees south latitude, 138.66 degrees east longitude, a magnitude of 6.1 and a focal depth of 20 km. Also at 9:11 am on the 24th, there was a 5.5 magnitude earthquake in Japan, which did not cause a tsunami.

At 10:53 on June 24, an earthquake with magnitude 7.6 occurred near Banda Sea (6.51 degrees south latitude and 129.23 degrees east longitude) in Indonesia, and it was finally identified as magnitude 7.3. On June 27, a magnitude 6.3 earthquake occurred in the waters off the kemadke islands in New Zealand, and on June 28, a magnitude 6.4 earthquake occurred in the Mariana Islands.

These earthquakes are only a part of the global earthquakes with magnitude 5 occurred since June. There are 44 detected earthquakes, while there may be some undetected ones. Therefore, earthquakes occur frequently in June, more than once a day, and there are more small earthquakes with magnitude 5 or below. We should know that many aftershocks often occur after a big earthquake. For example, in a period of time after the earthquake of magnitude 6 occurred in Sichuan, small earthquakes occurred as many as 100 times.

Why there are so many earthquakes in June, scientists can not give an accurate answer. The so-called earthquake is actually the movement and collision of plates inside the earth. Especially in the place between two plates, earthquakes are more likely to occur, and most of the global earthquakes also occur in seismic waves, that is, the place where plates join.

Some people may wonder whether the frequent earthquakes in June may be related to this year’s El Nino year? For this question, scientists are not sure to answer. If it doesn’t matter at all, it may not be right. The frequent occurrence of natural disasters, in the final analysis, is caused by the continuous destruction of human environment.

Since mankind entered the industrial revolution and started the road of scientific and technological development, the exploitation of resources and the continuous emission of industrial waste gas are rapidly destroying the earth’s ecosystem. The rising global temperature is caused by a large number of greenhouse gas emissions, and the rising global temperature will bring a series of natural disasters, which will seriously damage the earth’s ecosystem.

And the massive exploitation of resources will also damage the underground survival system, the frequent occurrence of global earthquakes, to say nothing to do with these, I believe no one will believe. However, if human civilization wants to progress, science and technology need to develop rapidly. The rapid development of science and technology will inevitably destroy the earth’s ecosystem, which is a difficult situation to achieve the best of both worlds.

Therefore, we will see that in recent years, the world is strengthening environmental protection and taking various measures to reduce emissions of waste gas and wastewater. In fact, the depth of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere has not decreased, but has been rising. The global temperature is still rising, the extreme environment is happening, and earthquakes are also happening.

In fact, the future of mankind is in space. The universe is vast and there are countless planets. There are so many earth like planets like the earth that it is impossible to estimate. Only with the rapid development of science and technology, human beings have become a real interstellar civilization. With the ability of interstellar navigation, human beings will have the ability of interstellar colonization. Instead of being trapped on the earth, we can go to other planets that are more suitable for human life.

I believe that in the vast universe, there will be many planets more beautiful than the earth and more suitable for human survival. With the continuous destruction of the earth’s ecosystem, it will be more and more unsuitable for human survival. Although the earth itself has the ability of self-healing, it may take millions of years, tens of millions of years or more to complete this kind of repair. But human beings can’t wait so long. Hawking once predicted that the time left by the earth to human beings may be only a few hundred years.

Only with the rapid development of science and technology can we become an interstellar civilization. At that time, the galaxy will be the home of human beings. We can go to every corner of the galaxy freely, and the colonized planets of human beings will also travel all over the galaxy.

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