There are 6 kinds of food that can be used to improve women’s frigidity. You must know how to love her

Nowadays is an era of rapid pace of information technology, people’s life pressure is increasing, sometimes the couple’s life is not harmonious. So today, let’s talk about what kind of food can treat female sexual apathy.

The first seafood category

According to historical records, seafood is the most ideal product to nourish sexual desire. And seafood is rich in phosphorus and zinc, which is a very good product for people’s health care. If the female body lacks zinc, it will produce sexual apathy, so it’s good to eat more seafood.

The second kind of chicken

Chicken is a very good tonic food for women. Whether it’s hen or silky fowl, it’s very nourishing, especially for women. Chicken body contains vitamin B1, vitamin E, pantothenic acid, protein, fat and other substances, can nourish yin and kidney yang, improve sexual desire.

The third turtle

Soft shelled turtle has the delicious taste of chicken, deer, cattle, sheep and pig, and is rich in animal glue, keratin, copper, vitamin D and other nutrients. It is a tonic product and has a good effect on the treatment of female frigidity.

Fourth pigeon meat

Pigeon meat is also rich in iron, phosphorus, potassium and other substances, and in the compendium of Materia Medica, there is a record that “pigeon sex is easy to combine, so it is named. All birds are male and female, so the female is the most lewd So pigeon meat is also a good choice to improve libido.

The fifth almond

Almonds are rich in fatty acids, which can wake up women’s magnetic hormones. If you don’t like almonds, you can also eat some almond flavor things, or a small amount of things with broken almonds are good choices.

The sixth kind of pepper

Pepper after researchers found that can promote the secretion of caffeine peptide in the human body, and capsaicin in pepper can make people excited, improve sexual desire. So often eat pepper to improve sexual desire is a certain help.

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