There are 70 unidentified objects hovering over the United States. What is their real identity?

Is it a rumored UFO that there are unidentified luminous objects over the United States in an orderly line?

There are many UFO sightings in history, and most of the results are not clear. Everyone has their own opinions. Some people think it’s an aircraft made by human beings, some people think it’s some kind of creature in the great nature, and some people think it’s aliens who are playing tricks. No matter what kind of explanation, it’s difficult for scientists to come to a conclusion. With the development of science and technology, the rapid development of UAV, human beings can easily create a kind of witness phenomenon. Most UFOs that appear at night can be explained. What is the explanation for UFO in the daytime?

Some time ago, a UFO enthusiast shared a video, which showed a strange picture. Dozens of luminous objects appeared in the sky of the United States, and they appeared in groups, as if forming an alien fleet. What’s the situation? At that time, after the video was released, it caused a heated discussion. One UFO Hunter also claimed that this might be the long-awaited evidence. Is it a rumored UFO that there are unidentified luminous objects over the United States in an orderly line?

Motion characteristics of unidentified luminescent objects

Many witnesses have seen this picture with their own eyes. In the clouds in the sky, there are a group of things emitting light. After a few minutes, they appear in different places and move from right to left orderly. Many people wonder if this is a way of communication between aliens? It is impossible to draw a conclusion easily because there is no real evidence. On the surface, it looks like there are 50-70 alien spaceships, which is beyond human cognition. Many people don’t think much of this discovery, and even think it’s a big deception without any factual basis.

However, history is always astonishingly similar. Many photos and videos seem to have one thing in common, which may be the evidence left by alien civilization. Not long ago, a netizen photographed an arch shape beside Mercury’s crater. Through close observation, he determined that it was the result of an asteroid impact. There are many cases of UFOs on the earth. Whether it’s left by aliens or a kind of illusory illusion, we should not hold a blind pursuit mentality. We should pay attention to the scientific basis for everything.

The importance of science to human development

Science is the most rigorous explanation. If we can’t get the most basic scientific evidence, even the most famous scientists can’t help it. Of course, the magic case happened in the United States has caused a stir in the industry. It is not necessarily a good thing that so many luminous objects appear together in space. Scientists are still exploring unremittingly, trying to reveal the secret behind it.

Under no circumstances can we credulously believe rumors. The explanations of many mysterious phenomena are mostly lies compiled by some people for the sake of popularity. Only when we come up with real scientific theories can we believe them. The existence of aliens has been a hot topic for a long time. Everyone has his own views and cognition. What do you think of the magical objects appearing over the United States this time? You can leave a message for interaction.

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