There are 72 villages under the sea in Hainan. The traces of life are still obvious. Who built them?

Although human beings have reached the top of the food chain, they are still unable to conquer the sea of stars. Since ancient times, people have been full of infinite yearning for the ocean. In many coastal areas, the villagers here live by the sea, which is the place where they are nurtured for generations. Human beings have lived on the earth for millions of years, and now they can’t do without the ocean. Although we can’t survive in the ocean, there are unexpected discoveries in the process of scientists’ exploration.

Undersea Village

Some time ago, when scientists explored the sea area near Qiongshan District in Hainan, they found 72 village sites on the seabed. All along, there has been a custom of sea burial in Hainan, so people at that time thought that it might be a submarine site built by the local village to appease the dead. However, with the deepening of exploration, scientists have overturned this conclusion. According to their exploration, this undersea village has been for some years, and it was not built by modern society at all. But in ancient times, how could human beings have such exquisite construction technology to build such magnificent houses? To the surprise of scientists, there are traces of human beings living in this undersea village. Can anyone really survive in the undersea?

In order to solve the mystery of this undersea village, scientists read a lot of historical materials, and finally found that the prototype of this undersea village is a small town living on land, which is called Yanfeng town. At that time, Yanfeng town was still standing on the land. Because it was close to the sea, there were frequent earthquakes and tsunamis, so this village sank and submerged to the bottom of the sea in an earthquake. Now, after thousands of years of ups and downs, this undersea village appears in front of human beings.

In fact, with the current scientific and technological means of human beings, it’s easy to build submarine cities, but human beings can’t conquer the ocean, and human body structure can’t survive in the ocean, so for human beings, the ocean is still far away. In many people’s minds, the ocean is sacred and inviolable. However, with the development of human civilization, the marine environment is not as good as before.

Especially in some economically backward countries, people will pile up a large amount of domestic garbage in the ocean, the marine ecology will be damaged, and marine organisms will also eat plastic and die. There are a large number of dead marine organisms floating on some sea surface, which is really sad.

Although we can not prevent the occurrence of natural disasters, human beings can only be trapped in the manipulation of nature, but we can still start from ourselves, change our own behavior, protect the environment, from now on, we can ensure the continuation of human civilization forever, I do not know what you think?

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