There are aliens? Look at the evidence from scientists, dating back to 14000 BC!

Whether in western countries or in China, there are myths and legends. At that time, science and technology were still relatively backward, and people pinned their hopes on the gods. In our opinion, these fairy tales had no scientific basis and were all imagined by people. However, with the deepening of scientists’ research, many people think that if the ancients really had not seen these gods, how could they imagine them out of thin air?

In this case, it is not groundless. In the process of archaeology, we have made some important discoveries. In the whole process, scientists seem to have found traces of aliens. In many historical sites and unearthed cultural relics, we can see many patterns of spacemen and spaceships. Therefore, many people think that perhaps the gods in the ancient population were aliens. If scientists can trace back to 14000 B.C., then the earliest time that aliens came to earth is 14000 B.C.

Evidence of prehistoric civilization?

At that time, ancient voiceprint culture had sprung up in Japan. People would use clay to make some pottery, and many clay figurines appeared. In our opinion, clay figurines are not strange things, but what attracted scientists’ attention was the image of these clay figurines. Who could have thought that ancient people had created the appearance of astronauts. These clay figurines had big eyes and were all dressed in thick clothes Heavy clothing, very similar to the alien space suit. Although conspiracy theorists believe that this is the image of aliens, scientists speculate that it may be related to the religious customs at that time.

In addition to these clay sculptures, scientists have also found many pictures, which seem to record the alien’s visit to the earth. Scientists once found a huge painting in the ancient city of Maya, which depicts the scene of aliens driving a spaceship. This giant painting is painted on a stone slab. We can see from the photos that a pilot appears in the picture, his hand is holding the handle of the spaceship, and there are also exhaust port, pedal and other designs in the spaceship. After seeing such designs, no matter who is thinking of the spaceship.

I don’t know if you’ve ever heard of the skull of palacas. This is a cemetery in Peru where scientists found more than 300 skulls. These skulls are thinner than the skulls of normal people, and they weigh six times as much as the skulls of normal people. Some people think that this may not be the skulls of the earth’s indigenous people, but the remains of aliens.

After analyzing the skulls, the scientists believe that the skulls were actually left by the earth people. They found that the DNA in the skulls is similar to that of some European indigenous peoples. Of course, this view is also full of controversy. Until now, these findings still need to be studied. I don’t know what you think of them?

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