There are aliens? Scientists have identified the source of the “mysterious” signal 7.9 billion light years away!

From slash and burn cultivation to modern science and technology, human beings have created brilliant scientific and technological civilization in the process of cruel evolution, and we have also become the intelligent life on earth. Of course, the pursuit of human beings is endless. We are still in the process of exploring the universe. This is a picture that ancient people never dare to imagine, and now we have realized it.

Although landing in the universe is a very proud thing, many questions also follow. Is human really the only life in the universe? In 1974, scientists sent a series of signals to M13 cluster, which not only included the scientific and technological civilization of human beings, but also revealed the position of the earth. Three years later, mankind launched Voyager 1 and Voyager 2, and started a new journey of exploring extraterrestrial civilization. Although mankind has made all kinds of efforts, to be honest, it has not achieved good results at present. Therefore, scientists have changed their thinking from transmitting signals to receiving signals from the universe.

Rapid radio bursts

There are countless radio waves in the whole universe. Of course, most radio waves are meaningless. Therefore, it is not easy for scientists to find meaningful radio waves among so many radio waves. What scientists need to do is to screen out regular and violent radio signals, which are what we often call rapid radio bursts. Although we have known their existence, we do not know their causes. The duration of rapid radio bursts is very short, most of them are only a few milliseconds. It is very difficult for human beings to capture them quickly.

Distance from the earth

7.9 billion light years

The signal

In 2017, in the process of receiving signals, scientists found a radio storm. After tracking it, scientists finally determined its source. It’s three billion light-years from earth, and that’s frb121102. Since then, scientists have intercepted several fast radio bursts. Some time ago, scientists from the U.S. Observatory determined the source of a new type of fast radio storm. It is 7.9 billion light-years away from the earth. This galaxy is about the size of the Milky way. This fast radio storm is also called frb190523.

Does alien life exist?

This signal has attracted the attention of scientists. Although it comes from 7.9 billion light-years away, the environment of that galaxy is very similar to that of the Milky way, and they are all located in the habitable zone. Does this mean that there is alien life in this galaxy?

Scientists believe that this may be related to alien civilization, but it is more likely due to the neutron star explosion. It will take a long time to unravel the secret of this signal. Only when we really determine the cause of the rapid radio storm, can we understand the alien civilization. What do you think?

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