There are aliens? Scientists speculate that they are dumping nuclear waste. What is the impact on human beings?

We have been looking for aliens for a long time. In fact, whether aliens exist or not is still controversial. Scientists in the United States once expressed their opinion that there may be alien life in Centaurus 355 light years away, and their wisdom is far beyond that of human beings. This is not groundless, scientists believe that these aliens may be dumping waste to human stars, dumping is nuclear waste.


This scientist said that the planet where alien civilization exists is called hd101065. Many rare earth elements have appeared in the spectrum of this star. This star was first discovered by scientists 60 years ago. After all, the chemical composition of this star is still very strange. The proportion of metal elements is very different from other stars of the same type. That is to say, some substances that should not exist in the star appear on this star, which is unbelievable.

I don’t know if you’ve heard of the Dyson sphere. Two years ago, scientists found that alien civilizations were probably building Dyson sphere, and the star 1500 light-years away from the earth might be their living place. This conclusion caused a great sensation at that time. Just like this American scientist, he is also very curious about aliens. He has been looking for traces of extraterrestrial life. That’s why he expressed such a crazy view.

Aliens dumping nuclear waste?

He believes that the different proportions of metal elements on this planet are related to the following two aspects. Maybe there is a neutron star around the star, which releases strong current and electrons, but in fact, there is no neutron star near the star, which is too far fetched to explain. The second view is surprising. He thinks that maybe the alien civilization is dumping nuclear waste into this star through its own power. After all, there are many overweight elements in the spectrum of this star. If so, it is chilling.

If the alien civilizations really do this, it can only show one problem, that is, their scientific and technological level is far more advanced than that of human beings. The reason why they dump nuclear waste into stars is undoubtedly a warning to human beings. As early as 1966, Carl Sagan scientists once claimed that aliens are likely to sprinkle salt on their planet. In the future, our star will also become their garbage dump.

If civilization develops to a certain extent and needs to dump nuclear waste to other planets, where should human nuclear waste be in the future? Scientists think that maybe the sun is the best choice. Of course, the premise is that we can overcome the problems of high temperature and distance?

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