There are aliens? There is a 16 meter high robot in the United States, which can move freely!

With the improvement of science and technology, we also turn our attention to the exploration of extraterrestrial life. In recent years, we can often hear the news of unidentified objects. In 2020, there will be more UFO sightings, and many people claim to have seen UFOs. Scientists believe that most UFOs are normal weather phenomena. There are many UFO fans in the world. One of them, Scott waling, has gained a large number of fans and become a hot UFO hunter.

Unknown objects near the sun

Although he has gained a large number of fans and has been sought after by many alien enthusiasts, scientists believe that Scott waling is a real alien conspiracy theorist. Through a large number of satellite photos, Scott waling found many unexpected situations, many of which even NASA could not explain. Some time ago, NASA uploaded a large number of photos of the sun, and we also saw the real appearance of the sun. Among these photos, one attracted Waring’s attention. There was a UFO around the sun. The UFO was huge and moving at a very fast speed. Why does it stay near the sun? Waring speculated that the UFO may be absorbing solar energy to supplement its power.


The robot of

In addition to the discovery in the universe, Nevada has always been the focus of many alien lovers. Many UFO enthusiasts believe that the United States has already mastered alien technology. They have also set up an alien research base in Nevada. Of course, these are their guesses. So far, there is no substantial evidence to verify their claims. Just recently, Scott waling discovered a 16 meter high robot on a vacant lot in Nevada through a satellite map.

16 meter tall humanoid

This discovery made him firmly believe that there is indeed an experimental base of alien civilization in Nevada of the United States. They conduct secret experiments in this deserted area. After that, he posted the photos on the satellite map to the Internet. In the photos, there was a 16 meter high human body lying in the open space. Some people think that this may be a high-tech robot made in the United States, while others think that this humanoid object is an alien.

Stirling did not stop observing the human object. He monitored the satellite map and found that the huge human object was alive and could move around. Is the robot in the movie really made?

Up to now, there is still no accurate conclusion about this huge unidentified object. Most people think that this is just caused by the angle problem. This humanoid object is actually a building. What do you think?

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