There are aliens? UFO appears near Japanese plane, but radar can’t find it!

Speaking of UFO sightings in history, I believe many people still remember Roswell incident in 1947, which is the most authentic one among all the sightings. In addition to this incident, UFO sightings have occurred in Japan. Although decades have passed, there is still no reasonable explanation.

It was November 17, 1986, when there was a Japanese Boeing 747 freighter with only three crew members on board. At first, the whole flight process was very smooth, but when the flight arrived over Alaska, there was an accident. It was around five o’clock in the afternoon. When the plane began to turn, two UFOs appeared under the plane. The speed and route of the two UFOs were the same as them.

Two unidentified objects under the plane

At first, the captain thought that this was another type of aircraft. Unexpectedly, a few minutes later, the two UFOs suddenly flew to the front. The two UFOs were too close to the aircraft. This situation made the captain smell a dangerous smell. So he quickly contacted the tower to ask if there were other planes nearby, but the tower colleagues told them that this area was very dangerous They are the only aircraft in the world. There is no other aircraft.

Just when the airport was puzzled, the UFO suddenly sent out a dazzling light, and the three staff members on the plane were blinded by the light. After a few seconds, the two UFOs began to fly side by side. This state lasted for more than ten minutes, and then they disappeared into the vast night.

Huge UFO

In the end, the three staff members finally saw what the UFO looked like. The two objects were cylindrical, just like what we call cigar shaped UFO. At this time, they realized that this was not a human plane, maybe an alien spaceship. After seeing this phenomenon, the captain decided to hurry back. Unexpectedly, only a few minutes later, another huge UFO appeared. When they got over the city, they recognized what the unidentified object looked like. Unlike the first two cigar shaped UFOs, this UFO is a huge saucer shape, and there are many small aircraft coming in and out of this UFO.

Today, the conversation between the captain and the tower staff is still circulating on the Internet. After all, no other aircraft has been found from the radar of the tower. People who know about this situation are also required not to spread it. If the captain did not say it by accident during the interview, the world may not know. What do you think of this incident?

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