There are aliens? Who left the abandoned baby adopted by the Russian grandmother?

Since mankind entered the industrial age, we have begun to explore the universe. Is human really lonely in the universe? This problem has been plagued by human beings. Many people believe that human beings are not the only advanced life in the universe, and there are more civilized aliens in places we can’t detect. When it comes to aliens, many people think of the alien life event in Chelyabinsk. At that time, an old woman adopted a humanoid. Many people suspect that this humanoid is an alien. Is this true?

“Abandoned baby” adopted by Grandma

Due to her poor mental state, what she said can only be used as reference. According to her description, on a stormy night in 1996, she suddenly wanted to go to the cemetery. When she arrived at the cemetery, she found a special creature beside the tombstone. When we saw the picture, we found that it was not the same as human beings, but the old lady took it for granted that it was an abandoned baby, so she took it back to raise it. This unknown creature is very small, less than 20 cm tall, but it has a pair of big eyes, smooth body, no clothing, no reproductive organs, and can’t judge his gender.

Many people know that the old lady is not in good spirits. What she said was taken as nonsense and did not arouse everyone’s interest. Just three weeks after she adopted the creature, the old woman was sent to the hospital because of mental illness. When people think of the unknown creature again, it has died. Because of its strange shape, someone made it into a mummy. This incident did not end, but attracted the attention of many scientists. One scientist came to this village to carry out in-depth investigation.

Mysterious “dwarf”

He found that before the appearance of this humanoid, many witnesses saw many mysterious dwarfs. These dwarfs looked very healthy. They could not only move quickly, but also try to get close to humans. Local people picked up sticks to drive them away. After hearing the local people’s story, the scientist believed that it was precisely because they were beaten by human beings that they appeared near the cemetery to recuperate and were finally adopted by the old woman.

20 kilometers away from the town, someone found a huge spaceship. According to their description, the creature driving the spaceship was very similar to the dead dwarf. The dwarf who was mummified disappeared soon after. Local people thought it was taken away by aliens.

This incident has also become something that the local people are fond of talking about, so do alien creatures really exist? Some people think that this dwarf is actually a deformed baby, but it has disappeared on the earth, and we have no way to verify it. What do you think?

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