There are ancient country sites or coffins near rape flower fields in Xinjiang, so there are ups and downs and strange circles?

In Xinjiang Yili Kazakh Autonomous Prefecture, rape flower festival is held every year. During the celebration, a reporter from Yili TV station was responsible for aerial photography by hot air balloon. When he looked down, a surprising scene appeared. Rape fields became very regular, with a row of strange circles, one after another.

At this time, the reporter could not help thinking of the unsolved mystery of wheat circles in Britain. However, in Britain, all the wheat fell down. When the reporter went down from the hot-air balloon, he found that there were more than a dozen circles in the vegetable field arranged in a straight line, and they were all round. There was another point that the sizes of these circles were almost the same, and the spacing was almost the same, but they were different from the previous circles, The growth of rape is different. It is high in the circle and low out of the circle. At the same time, every circle is like this. The so-called strange circle coming in the air is actually caused by the drop of plant cost.

The news quickly exploded among the local villagers. They all know that not far from here, there was an ancient country, Zhaosu. The location of this strange circle is the capital of Zhaosu, but the ancient city has gradually disappeared in the endless grassland.

So some experts guess, is it because of some coffins buried underground? After all, from the air, each of these things is basically round. They are somewhat similar to the strange circles in the vegetable field. The strange circles are arranged from east to west, which is completely different from the arrangement direction of earth tombs. Besides the direction, there is another point that their sizes are almost the same, and no matter the size or spacing, they will not be very consistent. Therefore, it means that the growth of strange circles has nothing to do with ancient tombs.

This mystery seems to be more and more difficult to solve, so the agricultural technology extension station and various geologists and botanists rushed to the scene to investigate, and later found that it was due to some sprinkler irrigation equipment.

Local residents are puzzled by this explanation, why sprinkler irrigation equipment can cause strange circle

It was also related to the weather. This year, there was a severe drought here, which means that the precipitation is twice as much as in previous years. Therefore, many farmers choose to buy some sprinkler irrigation equipment to make some nozzles. In all kinds of strange circles of vegetable fields, scientists have found this sprinkler irrigation equipment. This equipment is very simple. It draws water from the water, connects several nozzles, and sprays water through the rotation of the faucet. However, due to the large distance between the faucets and the insufficient water pressure, it is difficult to use the sprinkler irrigation equipment There will be places where water is not poured, so the growth of crops will be relatively weak in the places where water is poured, and the growth of rape will certainly be better than that in the surrounding areas, so this difference in height is formed.

So in the end, it’s not an ancient country, let alone a coffin, but the strange circle of rape fields does appear.

Therefore, when we find strange events, we must think seriously and believe in scientific judgment.

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