There are at least six human species on the earth. Why are there only humans left? Scientists tell us why!

Once there were at least six human species on the earth. Now there are only humans left. Where are the others?

Since human beings have the opportunity to go out of the earth and see the vast universe, they know how small they are. Even the earth is small enough to be ignored. Although human beings are at the top of the food chain, they have become the dominant force on the earth, and their power is limited. It’s not easy for everyone to live in the world. They all experience birth, aging, illness and death. We often distinguish a person from his face, characteristics, skin color and other aspects.

So far, there are four people in the world, they are yellow people, black people, brown people and white people. Their living habits are totally different, but they all belong to Homo sapiens. There is only one species of Homo sapiens on the earth. However, more than 100000 years ago, humans were not the only one. There were Neanderthals who could walk upright. In addition, there were thoros who lived in India. The emergence of these races shows that there were enough races on the earth. Why did these races disappear? Only Homo sapiens remained. Once there were at least six human species on the earth. Now there are only humans left. Where are the others?

The origin of human beings has always been a problem that scientists are discussing. The most favorable view is Darwin’s theory of evolution. Human beings have experienced countless hardships since the evolution of apes, and only through a long period of evolution and evolution can they have this appearance. In the process of evolution, it can be divided into three stages: Australopithecus, Homo erectus and Homo sapiens.

The course of each stage is different. Starting from Australopithecus, there is little difference between Australopithecus and today’s animals. With the evolution of human beings, Homo erectus also appeared. There used to be at least six kinds of people on earth, but now only humans are left. The early Homo sapiens had almost the same shape as modern people, and had many primitive features, and the brain tissue was more complex.

After the appearance of Homo sapiens in the late period of 40000 years ago, archaeologists found that these Homo sapiens were distributed in Asia, Europe and other regions. At that time, human beings had spread all over the world. In order to adapt to the environment, they had to adapt to the environment continuously, and the impact on people was very big. For example, skin color and physique would be affected. Only Homo sapiens really survived. In the process of research, experts found that there were many kinds of human beings living in the same area. At that time, after a large-scale battle, these people finally left behind It’s modern humans.

At present, all these can only be guessed. After all, there is not enough evidence to prove that many people support this view. No matter how many kinds of people have appeared on the earth, only human beings are left. Human beings should cherish everything and follow the laws of nature. Everyone is a unique existence in the world, and has evolved into a human with wisdom, which is the envy of other creatures. Do you think there are fewer and fewer people on the earth, leaving only humans behind? Is there any other reason? You can leave a message for interaction.

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