There are different opinions on the five predictions in human history in the 21st century. Which one do you think will come true

In the long history of human evolution, there are many talented talents. Stephen William Hawking has also joined the ranks of this authority. Unfortunately, in 2018, Mr. Hawking left us. However, this genius in human history has left us five predictions since the 21st century. Today, I will review Mr. Hawking’s “last words” with you. Which one do you think will come true?

“My brain is free” is Mr. Hawking’s motto. Unable to move his limbs, paralyzed in a wheelchair, he put forward various theories of black hole and Hawking radiation, providing unprecedented space for the progress of human civilization. For this reason, Hawking’s predictions and assumptions have a deep influence and persuasion in all walks of life, which is also the reason why we pay attention to them today.

First prediction: Ice Age

As we all know, in recent years, global warming has entered the stage. The scientific community has put forward the idea of accelerating the melting rate of glaciers in the north and south poles. However, Mr. Hawking thinks that the current rate is negligible for the formation of glaciers, and the world will be in 2032! Enter the ice age.

Second prophecy: leave the blue planet

In his memoir, Mr. Hawking wrote: the earth’s resources are limited. If human beings make great efforts to develop them, the earth will not leave much time for human beings. Mr. Hawking believes that if human beings want to leave this blue planet in 2060, they need to find a planet suitable for human habitation in the next few years as soon as possible, so that human beings can transfer, and human civilization will be free from catastrophe.

The third prophecy: human evolutionism

This prediction is based on the second prediction. If human beings find a habitable planet, but the environmental index is different from that of the earth, then under the joint action of environment and human genes, human beings will evolve and realize a new species revolution in 2100. From then on, there will be no human beings in the cosmic civilization.

The fourth prophecy: the fall of Homeland

According to the exploration of existing human technology, our home has existed for 4 billion years. Mr. Hawking pointed out that we can’t be sure that the planet will have a lifetime, but in 2215, due to the evolution of celestial bodies and some uncontrollable unknown factors, our “home” – the earth, will disappear.

The fifth prediction: the earth will turn into a “fireball”

Disappearance is far from enough for a star. After thousands of years of man-made destruction and exploitation, the earth’s energy cycle has entered a state of disorder. If human beings migrate, the irreversibility of destruction will bring the earth closer to destruction. Mr. Hawking predicted that in 2600, the earth will turn into a “fireball”, whether it will become a star, whether it will become the next sun, whether it is the fate of every planet, all of which, after the death of Mr. Hawking, has drawn a question mark.

These prophecies were integrated one by one in the process of sorting out Mr. Hawking’s life notes. It sounds a bit frightening, but for the vast universe, these are just a flash of surprise. Which do you think is easy to come true? If so, what do you think of the future of mankind? Welcome to leave a message and express your opinion!

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