There are electric discharge and water spray. Why didn’t they evolve fire spewing creatures? Have you ever heard of flamethrowers?

There are countless species on earth. All the rare species are disappearing. Of course, some new species are emerging. Some microorganisms are so small that people can’t see them with naked eyes. Even if you can see them under a microscope, they are just a flash in the pan. Many netizens can’t help but ask: “since there are so many species on the earth, such as electric eels that can discharge electricity and water fishes that can spray water, will there be species that can spray fire?”

The “sharpshooter” in the animal world is a “cannon Trooper” that can eject fuel

In the animal kingdom, there is a kind of beetle, which is called javelin beetle. The size of this beetle is very small, only about 10 mm, and the larva is 56 mm. The whole beetle is divided into two colors, one is cyan gray, and the other is orange yellow. Javelin beetle has lived in Asia, Africa and East India for many years. What’s different from other beetles is that this kind of beetle actually has “burning” in its body Silo “- hydroquinone and hydrogen peroxide. When gun troopers encounter threats or generate pressure, they will have a physiological reaction. They will directly mix the gas in the “Bunker” with the water and enzymes secreted by their bodies to generate enough heat to eject from the nozzle at the tail of gun troopers. In fact, the whole process only takes a few seconds.

There was an experiment done by some experts. When toad quickly grabbed it and put it into his mouth, toad would spit it out in a few minutes. Toads are the most voracious animals. They would rather rot in their stomachs than spit out delicious food. However, when toad swallows it into his mouth, toad will spit it out The release of fuel gas, so that toads can not adapt to bear this gas, stomach acid burst instantly, toads had no choice but to spit out. Because of its ability to eject fuel, gun troopers eventually escaped.

Is it a flamethrower in the mouth of a fire breathing fish? Can you blow fire?

As the saying goes, “water and fire are incompatible.” fish live in water all the year round. Will there really be fire breathing fish in this world? If fish can really spit fire, how do they live in the water? Related information records: in the Indian Ocean, there is a very special fish, this fish is very small, only a few centimeters long, known as pelagic bream, it is said that this kind of fish mainly feeds on krill, but also spews out flames. In fact, this kind of fish can’t spray fire at all. It’s just a kind of light emitted by it, which is mistakenly thought to be fire. This kind of fish is rich in phosphorus in their bodies. When they are threatened, they will spray phosphorus from their mouths. However, the digestive system inside their bodies does not spit phosphorus, but a small biological ostracod that is not easy to see, because the water contains phosphorus In the presence of oxygen, these phosphorus bearing ostracods combine with oxygen in the water to form a bunch of green light, just like a flame, which creates the illusion that people mistakenly think it is a fire breathing fish.

Why hasn’t fire spewing creatures evolved on earth?

There are different species on the earth. Among many species, some flammable elements are produced. For example, cattle around us, in the 1960s and 1970s, many people would pick up cow dung as fuel. In fact, cattle are the largest producer of methane in the animal kingdom, and we all know that methane is the best fuel, which can be ignited when it meets sparks. Since animals can produce their own fuel, why can’t they spray fire? Fuel is just one of the essential elements. If you want to spray fire, you need to have the source of ignition fuel and more energy. Besides, animals themselves should be able to prevent fire. You should know that any creature on this earth is afraid of fire. The damage caused by fire is not only burning, but also burning the water in some species’ bodies, which is harmful to species It’s very difficult to achieve.

Maybe over time, in the next few hundred years or even thousands of years, this kind of fire breathing creature will evolve, but it will be a disaster for other species. At present, human beings are the most outstanding species in the great nature. With the development of science and technology, when human beings really reach the realm of immortality, they may one day witness the occurrence of this miracle.

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