There are five amazing secrets hidden in the ancient imperial mausoleum, which makes people think about them carefully

The mausoleum of Qin Shihuang is the mausoleum of Ying Zheng, the first emperor in Chinese history. It took 39 years to build. According to the records, the mausoleum “pierced three springs, and the strange things moved to it. The inside of the mausoleum is carved with beams and painted buildings, and there are countless treasures, which also attracted the favor of countless tomb robbers. However, for thousands of years, there are countless cave robbers, but the mausoleum is still well preserved, which also cast a layer of God on this underground palace The veil of mystery. Today, Xiaobian will walk into this ancient imperial mausoleum with you and list some amazing secrets that make people think deeply.

No.1 legend of flying swallow

Because of a long time, some small things are artificially misinterpreted, which adds a lot of mystery. But the legend of flying swallow is recorded in many ancient books. It is recorded in Sanfu bamboo slips that when Xiang Yu led 300000 troops to excavate the emperor’s mausoleum, a Golden Swallow burst out of the earth and flew south. Zhang Shan, the prefect of Yunzhou in the annals of the Three Kingdoms, also witnessed the record that “gold is a goose”. However, if the mercury inside the mausoleum is really a big river, it is impossible to have life signs. Whether the historical records are rumors remains to be investigated scientifically.

No.2 details of terracotta warriors and horses

As we all know, the number of terracotta warriors and horses in the funerary pits is amazing. But why are so many terracotta warriors and horses different in appearance? It is speculated that not only are the terracotta warriors well made, but even the terracotta warriors were actually sacrificed in the Qin mausoleum. The investigation of scientists also makes the truth confusing, because there are indeed a small number of bones in a small number of terracotta warriors, and the internal workmanship of the terracotta warriors is too fine, the hair is delicate, and there are similar human dander residues on the inner wall of clay pottery. The data after a thousand years is more and more confusing I’m afraid that only the people in the place where the incident happened at that time knew the real secret.

No.3 is not corrupt

The main reason why Qin Shihuang’s Mausoleum can’t be excavated up to now is that according to the ancient books, the mercury in the tomb is made into rivers, lakes and seas, the night pearl is embedded in the glass top to make the star compass, and the tomb is like heaven and earth. Not only is it of high archaeological value, the volatilization of Mercury will poison the residents around the land, but the effect of Mercury also makes the objects in Shihuang mausoleum extremely isolated from oxygen and well preserved, including the body of Shihuang. So the question is, even though the extraction technology of mercury was discovered for the purpose of exploring the elixir of immortality, the body of the first emperor was rotten before he was buried. Is there any other purpose of mercury, and is there any amazing secret hidden during this period? Maybe only when the tomb is opened is the time to solve the mystery.

No.4 the source of construction equipment of Shihuang Mausoleum

Like the pyramids of Egypt, the project of Shihuang mausoleum is huge. Even if canals are built and manual excavation is carried out, it is impossible for the thirty-nine years of the Qin Dynasty under such labor force to be comparable to the “Underworld” palace in the world. So what technology enabled the completion of such a vast project of Shihuang mausoleum, and the deepest depth of the mausoleum is 1500 meters, which is still difficult in current technology. Where did the construction equipment and technology of Shihuang mausoleum come from? Archaeology can only give coolie construction and superb technology, but the real situation may not be known.

Speculation on No.5 nine storey tower

The term is so mysterious that people are not willing to believe in its real existence. However, experts and scholars speculate that “the nine storey platform starts from the earth”. Compared with the three burial pits unearthed today, six of them are still buried underground. In addition, a similar prototype of nine storey tower appears in “Tomb No.1 of Xuewei”.

Finally, no matter what kind of speculation, the first emperor of Qin is the most successful emperor in Chinese history, and the first emperor’s mausoleum is also the most mysterious mausoleum among all the ancient mausoleums. What would you like to see if you could witness the opening of the first emperor’s Mausoleum? Welcome to leave a message and say what you think!

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