There are five kinds of creatures with special functions, one can run on water, and the other has its own smoke bomb

Magical nature has some magical creatures, there are many animals we don’t know, they have “special function”. Now let’s take a look at the animals with “special function”.

1. Strange snake lizard

The strange snake lizard is often called “Jesus Lizard”. This kind of lizard needs to bask in the sun every day to keep its body temperature, so it is easy to be arrested. Therefore, they have developed the “special function” of running on water. They are small and produce blisters when running on water. They use fast speed to walk on the blisters, so they have the magical function of running on water.

2. African tiger

The “self-contained smoke bomb” African Aihu, also known as the African moxa weasel, is recorded in the compendium of Materia Medica, which also has the function of curing diseases. What’s more amazing is that the “poisonous gas” released by them can cover 0.8 km, and can also lead to temporary blindness.

3. Water bear

Water bear is also known as water bear insect, called Xiaomei. This extremely tiny animal is the most powerful living creature known on earth. It can survive in extremely cold or hot environment, even in outer space without any protective measures. It has been found in Himalayas, deep sea and hot springs. It also has the function of “Immortality”. It can survive in extremely bad environment It can be “hidden life” under the environment, that is, the metabolism of life slows down to the extent that it almost stops and enters the dormancy state. As long as the water is added back, it can be miraculously “resurrected”

Its genes can also help the development of drugs and vaccines, but human technology has not yet solved the mystery.

4. Lighthouse jellyfish

Lighthouse jellyfish, this is a small jellyfish, the general biology is the process of life and death, but lighthouse jellyfish has many of our dreams of “Immortality” and “rejuvenation”. When lighthouse jellyfish reproduce sexually, they don’t die like ordinary jellyfish, but become Hydra type, and their cycle process is infinite, so they have the magical function of “Immortality” and “rejuvenation”.

5. Rana Robusta

Zhuangfa frog is a kind of hairy frog. Its hair can absorb more oxygen through its skin. It has sharp claws hidden in its powerful hind legs. It has a terrifying self-defense function. When it is in danger, it will break its own bones, and then expose its sharp claws to protect itself.

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