There are five mysterious numbers in mathematics, one of which may contain the ultimate answer of the universe

Since the big bang, with the expansion of the universe, many mysterious laws have begun to appear, and science may be the ultimate way to uncover these mysteries. In the ocean of science, there are many kinds of subjects, such as mathematics, physics, chemistry and so on. Among them, mathematics is the originator of all subjects and the foundation of all subjects. No matter which subject is related to mathematics more or less, it is meaningless to talk about science without mathematics.

Mathematics is a vast and great science, and the expression of numbers is all kinds of magical numbers. All things in the world, all things in the universe and even the ultimate answer of the universe may be included in these magical and mysterious numbers. What magical and mysterious numbers are there in the digital ocean? Let’s choose a few representative ones to analyze and see if they are very magical and mysterious.

1、 62607015 × 10-34 J · s, what is this? Many people may be very unfamiliar with this number. It is actually the Planck constant. The Planck constant is a physical constant and has a transcendent position in quantum mechanics. It is used to describe the size of quantum. When Max Planck studied the law of thermal radiation of objects in 1900, he found that only assuming that the emission and absorption of electromagnetic waves are not continuous, but carried out one by one, the calculated results can be consistent with the experimental results. Such a part of energy is called an energy quantum, and each part of energy quantum is equal to h ν, which is the frequency of the radiated electromagnetic wave, and H is a constant, which is called Planck constant. In the principle of uncertainty, Planck constant plays an important role. The uncertainty of particle position × the uncertainty of particle velocity × the particle mass ≥ Planck constant.

I believe many friends have heard of quantum mechanics. It can be said to be the greatest science in the 21st century. Quantum mechanics can explore the essence of everything from the micro world. In the future scientific world, quantum mechanics will become more and more important. Once human beings fully understand quantum mechanics, human science and technology can directly stride over a technological revolution, which is of great significance to human beings Yes.

2、 300000, which is no stranger to you. It represents the speed of light, which is 300000 kilometers per second. Some people may say that this is a speed unit. What’s so strange about this. But in fact, 300000 is an extraordinary number. Because this number is constant, the speed of light is constant. We all know that the speed of an object changes in different environments and states.

However, the speed of light is different. It is a constant value of 300000 in any reference object, in any material and environment. For example, the relative speed of a moving car is different for a person standing on the side of the road and a person riding a bicycle beside the car. The speed of light is not. For people who are standing or moving, the speed of light is 300000 kilometers per second. Do you think this number is magical?

3、 1415926 I believe that pupils are very familiar with this number. It is the first infinite non cyclic decimal that we come into contact with after school. It is pi. The position of PI in the digital world and other scientific circles is very unusual. For the origin of PI, there is still no definite number. What can be traced back now is that it appeared thousands of years ago. For thousands of years, countless numbers have been trying to calculate it, but up to now, the supercomputer has calculated the PI after the decimal point 100 million, it is still not enough, and it may never be enough.

The application of PI is very wide in the scientific field. In the fields of calculus, computer, number and human memory exploration, as well as cryptography, it has entered all walks of life of the whole human civilization, and it may have played a role in our daily life. Some scientists once thought that Pi also has an end, but human science and technology has not yet reached a step, so it can not be calculated.

In fact, whether the PI can be calculated has always been a topic of constant exploration and controversy by scientists. In the eyes of some people, it is impossible for all things in the universe to exist without an end, and so is the PI. However, if Pi is used up one day in the future, it will no longer be an infinite non circulating decimal, then many sciences of the whole human civilization will be overturned, which will be a subversive change for the whole scientific community.

4、 25, what’s the magic about this number? It may contain the rise and fall of all things. If you understand it, you will understand the rise and fall of all things. We convert 0.25 to 25%. This number dominates the entire biosphere. As my friends know, the most common life on earth is mammal. Many creatures, including human beings, are mammals, and they are also the most important life system in the biological world of the earth.

Different mammals have different natural evolutionary histories. The differences in organs, cells and genomes are one of the reasons for the differences in appearance and living environment. On the surface, these mammals are very different, but you will be surprised if you measure them and plot the results on a graph including the size parameters of the animal’s head.

Scientists have a plan to measure these results. The vertical axis in the figure below represents the metabolic rate, which is the daily intake of food and energy that we need to maintain life. The horizontal axis represents your weight and size. You’ll find that everything happens to be in a straight line. This means: behind the complexity lurks the astonishing simplicity.

Another key point revealed by this picture is: assuming that the influence of natural selection and evolution is not taken into account, some people may think that “if we double the size of an organism, or compare it with an animal twice its size, the number of cells will certainly double.”.

That is to say, if you double your body weight, you will easily think that the energy and food you need to maintain your life also need to double.

According to this assumption, the slope of the diagonal line in the figure should be 1. But in fact it has a slope of 3 / 4. This means that as a creature doubles in size, it needs not twice as much food as it did last year, but only 75%, or three-quarters more.

Whether it’s from 2G to 4G, or from 200kg to 400kg, doubling the size of any living thing can save 25% of its food. This is the “economy of scale.”. In fact, this law also runs through any life body, physiological quantity and life history events. Each biological group followed this 25% saving rule. In other words, everything in the biological world around us is inseparable from the number of “1 / 4”.

5、 142587 is the most amazing number in the world. If the first few numbers only reveal some mysteries of the universe, then 142587 may be able to reveal the ultimate answer of the universe. It may have been said in the past that this figure was found in the pyramids of Egypt, but it is not. Its real origin is in China.

He was invented by our ancestors. As an ancient country of human civilization, China has 5000 years of civilization history, but it is the oldest human civilization. In ancient times, mathematics in China was already ahead of the world. The number of 142587 is very important in ancient China, and there are many records about it. So what’s the magic about numbers?

Let’s multiply it from one to six

142857 X 1 = 142857

142857 X 2 = 285714

142857 X 3 = 428571

142857 X 4 = 571428

142857 X 5 = 714285

142857 X 6 = 857142

The same number, just change the position, repeated.

So how much is it multiplied by 7,

We’re going to find it’s 999999, not 9999

142 + 857 = 999

14 + 28 + 57 = 99

Finally, we multiply 142857 by 142857

The answer is: what is the number of 20408122449 top five plus top five,

20408 + 122449 = 142857

It is the evidence of the famous Chinese mathematical theorem “Sun Tzu theorem”, also known as “Chinese Remainder Theorem”. It is the method of Chinese ancestors to explain the cosmic code. 142857 is a group of magic numbers. It proves that there are seven days in a week. It also proves the reincarnation of a year and the code of the universe. Once it accumulates itself, it will rotate its six numbers in order. On the seventh day, it will have a holiday, and it will be replaced by 999999. The more the number increases, the larger the number is. Every week, each number needs to be separated. You don’t need a computer. You can know the answer to continue to accumulate as long as you know its separation method, It has more magical places waiting for you to explore, perhaps, it is the password of the universe, through which you can uncover the ultimate answer of the universe.

Of course, there are many legends about the number of 142587. You can learn about them by yourself. The above five magic numbers are just a few representative of many magic numbers. In fact, there are still many magic numbers waiting for us to solve. If human beings can really uncover the mystery of numbers, mathematics will become the most powerful civilization in the universe.

Guys, what do you think of this? Welcome to leave a message below to discuss and express your opinions.

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