There are five ultimate problems in the scientific community. If we solve any of them, human civilization will be upgraded

Four billion years ago, earth, one of the eight planets in the solar system, gave birth to early simple life. After billions of years of evolution and evolution, after five mass extinctions, intelligent human beings were finally born millions of years ago.

After the birth of human beings, although they have some wisdom, it is not easy to continue to develop in the nature where things compete with nature and the fittest survive. Fortunately, the wisdom of mankind enabled our ancestors to overcome one difficulty after another and finally gave birth to the early human civilization 10000 years ago.

The formation of human civilization, so that mankind has finally become the overlord of the earth, the subsequent development of natural more smooth and rapid. Until now, mankind has entered the era of science and technology and created a splendid scientific and technological civilization. After entering the era of science and technology, human beings began to study and explore the mysteries of all things, the world and the universe. In the continuous exploration and research of scientists, we have found five ultimate problems in the scientific community, each of which is very profound. To solve any one of them can upgrade human civilization.

1、 How is the complex and mysterious human body formed? Life is the most complex and mysterious thing in the universe, while intelligent life at the top of life is more complex and mysterious. Take human body for example. Although human beings are mammals, compared with other animals, human body is more complex and mysterious.

Scientists can’t believe the precision of human structure. There are all kinds of precise organs and tissues all over the body, each of which has its own function. From a microscopic point of view, the number of cells in the human body is conservatively estimated to be 40 trillion, and there are more complex and mysterious DNA genes in the human body. As the most mysterious part of the human body, the brain is even more complex and mysterious. According to the preliminary study of the brain, scientists have known that there are more than 10 billion neurons in the human brain.

The human body from top to bottom, from outside to inside, is like a complex and sophisticated intelligent automatic chemical plant. The food from the mouth will be processed by the internal organs and become various nutrients and energy needed by the human body. If a nano intelligent robot can enter the internal world of human body, it will find that human body is like a complex and mysterious civilized world with very strict discipline. Every organ and every organization has its own work, and it should not operate illegally across borders.

2、 What is consciousness? The most complex and mysterious organ of the human body is the brain, whose daily energy consumption accounts for 20% of the total energy consumption of the human body. It is precisely because the brain needs a lot of energy, so its function is also very powerful, is the core part of the human body.

Human beings can become intelligent life because we have an intelligent brain, and the interior of the brain is more complex and mysterious. From a macroscopic perspective, we all know that the brain has tens of billions of neurons. If it’s an invisible mysterious substance, the more mysterious thing in the brain is consciousness.

It is generally acknowledged that human beings have their own consciousness, but what is consciousness? At present, there is no accurate answer. Consciousness is a kind of things that can’t be seen or touched. We can’t see it, and it’s hard to detect its existence directly with instruments. But all kinds of signs show that human beings exist consciously. This is similar to the dark matter and dark energy that scientists have been searching for and exploring. We can’t directly observe and see their existence, but many phenomena and facts in the universe tell us that dark matter and dark energy are real things.

Consciousness is born in the brain, which is the controller of all human activities. All human activities are dominated by consciousness. For example, Xiaobian is now thinking about the content of the article and typing in his hands. It’s all the back consciousness that plays a role. If there is no consciousness, human will become a walking corpse, no longer an intelligent life.

3、 Does extraterrestrial civilization exist? When human beings walk out of the earth and see the vast universe, the topic of extraterrestrial life and civilization has become one of the hottest topics in human civilization. And this heat does not fade with the passage of time, but with the progress of human science and technology, the continuous improvement of knowledge of the universe, more and more incentive.

Many people want to understand whether there are other living planets in the vast universe, and whether there is the same intelligent civilization as human beings. However, after more than half a century of exploration and search, we still haven’t found any extraterrestrial life. Doesn’t extraterrestrial civilization exist?

In fact, this problem is similar to human’s exploration of dark matter, dark energy and human consciousness. We have not really seen them at present, whether it is dark matter, dark energy or consciousness. But do they exist? The answer is yes, because many phenomena in the universe show that dark matter and dark energy exist. The same is true of human consciousness. Many phenomena can show that human beings exist consciously.

The same is true of alien civilization. Although we haven’t found them yet, we can’t deny their existence. The main reason why we can’t find it is that the scientific and technological strength of human beings is still relatively backward, and we haven’t been able to get out of the solar system. If human beings become an interstellar civilization and have the ability of interstellar navigation, they can go to other galaxies to explore. Maybe it’s not surprising that extraterrestrial life and civilization will come.

4、 How did the universe come about? The origin of the universe has always been an important topic in the scientific community. Now the general view is that it originated from the singularity explosion 13.8 billion years ago. Scientists have not yet confirmed whether the big bang theory is correct. However, many cosmic phenomena support the big bang theory. At least for now, the big bang theory is correct.

Of course, the universe is mysterious. The origin of the universe may not be as simple as we think. Human science and technology are still very backward in front of the universe. Our understanding of the universe may only be superficial. So what is the truth about the origin of the universe? In the future, it is possible that a new theory of the origin of the universe will replace the big bang theory.

5、 Is there a boundary in the universe? In many people’s cognition, the universe is vast and boundless, but we all know that there is no infinite thing in this world. Everything has space limit, it can’t be infinite. Even the singularity that led to the Big Bang is described by scientists as infinitely large in mass and infinitely small in volume. The reason for this is that we don’t know how big its mass is and how small its volume is.

Even if this singularity really exists, it must also have a specific mass and volume of material, but beyond our understanding, so there is infinite, infinitesimal to describe. In the same way, we call the universe vast and infinite because our knowledge of the universe is limited and we can’t really observe the edge of the universe.

Therefore, the universe is unlikely to be unbounded. It is likely to have a boundary, which is the same reason that we don’t know how big the earth is when we stand on the earth. Before human beings go out of the earth, we also think that the earth is infinite and a world without boundaries. However, as human beings enter the era of science and technology and have a new understanding of the earth, we all know that the earth is a limited space.

When humans walk out of the earth and stand in space, we can really see an earth of specific size. So, now we are in the universe, there is no very advanced observation tools to see the edge of the universe, and we have no ability to go to the edge of the universe. Nature doesn’t know how big the universe is. If our science and technology can develop to the peak and become the super civilization of the universe, we may have the ability to go to the edge of the universe. Then we can know how big the universe is and whether it has boundaries.

It will take a long time for human beings to solve these five ultimate problems. Solving any one of them can make human civilization achieve leapfrog progress and upgrade directly. If these five ultimate problems are solved, human beings may have become the most powerful civilization and the overlord of the universe.

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