There are four generations of civilization in prehistory. How did they disappear? The Mayans recorded it!

There are four generations of civilization in prehistory. How did they disappear? The Mayans recorded it!

I believe many people have such doubts. Is human the only advanced civilization on earth? This problem has puzzled scientists for a hundred years, but no positive solution has been found. Since the birth of the earth, it has a history of 4.6 billion years. Compared with human history, it can be described as a flash. In these long years, the earth has become prosperous from barren, the environment has become more and more superior, and countless species have been bred. Before the birth of human civilization, there were other civilizations on the earth. According to the records of the Mayan calendar, there were four generations of civilizations, each of which surpassed modern humans. Their end aroused people’s deep thinking.

Four generations of civilization in prehistory

There are four generations of civilization in prehistory. How did they disappear? The Mayans recorded it! The first one is the gandaya civilization, which is the earliest in the Mayan calendar. People here are short but have extraordinary abilities. It is said that men will grow a third eye. The pupil of this eye is not black, but emerald, which is very beautiful. Under normal circumstances, the third eye is closed, and only when the super power is used can it be opened. As for the function of the third eye, everyone has their own opinions. Some people think it can predict the future, others think it can gaze thousands of miles, and even some people think it has extremely strong lethality. Not everyone has the third eye. Only men have women, so women are very afraid of men. When they conceive their offspring, they have to communicate with the gods and get the approval of the gods before they can have children It flooded with the mainland.

The second largest civilization is Mesopotamia. It doesn’t have the third eye of the gentian civilization. It has a unique style in food. It can be regarded as a civilization living on the tip of the tongue. According to the records, they invented a machine that could turn energy into their own use, which was more intelligent than the gentaian civilization. With the efforts of all the people, it became more and more powerful, and finally it was unable to escape the sanction of nature and went to destruction. In fact, it was a great civilization inherited from the fugitives of gandaya civilization.

The third is the Mulia civilization. It is also known as the bioenergy civilization. It has the longest history and is also a race inherited from the previous generation of civilization. It has similarities with the previous generation of civilization. It uses machines to release bioenergy and apply it to daily life. As a result, they make boats, drift in the ocean, complete a mission and predict the future. Although they have this ability, they can’t reverse their fate, It is a pity to face the extinction of this great civilization.

Finally, Atlantis civilization. This great civilization has advanced wisdom. The kingdom it built is very beautiful, and the people who live here are also very beautiful. They do not need to read, they can acquire knowledge only by inventing memory devices. A 15-year-old child can master countless knowledge. Their brain is more developed than other civilizations, and they can communicate with animals. As time goes by, their ambition expands, they love war, and finally they sink into the sea due to flood and disappear on the earth forever.

None of these four civilizations has a good ending in the end. Human beings are the fifth largest civilization on earth. Every powerful civilization is not able to go to the end. The earth will replace itself at every stage. If the civilization is too strong and exceeds the load that the earth can bear, then the civilization will disappear. We should also understand a truth, perhaps human is just a passer-by on earth, fleeting, perhaps there will be another civilization to replace us. What do you think of the four lost prehistoric civilizations? You can leave a message for interaction.

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