There are four lies on the way of exploring prehistoric civilization, all of which are false, but some people still believe them

Hundreds of years ago, after 5000 years of continuous development, human civilization finally ushered in a huge change. This time, human beings have entered the industrial age from the handicraft age, opened the door of science and technology, and embarked on the road of science and technology development.

The power of science and technology is undoubtedly great. It has made human beings achieve leaps and bounds in a short period of several hundred years. In particular, the development speed of science and technology in the past hundred years is fast enough to make people feel like they are in a dream. Perhaps for modern young people, they will not feel the impact of the development of science and technology in the past century on human beings.

But for those who have lived for hundreds of years, they are the most able to truly feel the great changes brought about by science and technology in their lives. It can be said that the development of human civilization over 5000 years is far less than the achievements made in just a few hundred years. That’s the beauty of technology.

With the help of science and technology, human beings are constantly deepening their understanding of the world and exploring many secrets in the history of the earth. And in many mysteries, scientists have been thinking about a question: before the emergence of human beings, was there any other intelligent civilization on the earth?

It takes only about 3 million years for humans to evolve from an ancient ape to an intelligent civilization. This time is very short for the evolution of life. Does such a result tell us that the evolution time of organisms to wisdom is very short? Some people may say that human beings are advantaged. If we can spend such a short time to evolve into intelligent life, other creatures can’t.

Many people think of the age when dinosaurs dominated the Earth 65 million years ago. However, dinosaurs have lived on the earth for 160 million years, and they have not evolved into intelligent life in such a long time. Therefore, many people think that it took only millions of years for human beings to evolve into intelligent life, and other creatures could not replicate it.

If you think so, it’s wrong. There are two choices in the way of life evolution. One is to continuously evolve towards power, become a power creature, and then dominate the earth, such as dinosaurs. The other way is intelligent evolution, which is difficult in the early stage and easy in the later stage. Generally, only those creatures who are difficult to survive and can’t survive can choose this way.

But once a creature is in the process of intelligent evolution, it will evolve very fast and become intelligent life in a very short time. This kind of speed is not unique to human beings. How other mammals choose this road can become intelligent life in millions of years.

It is this kind of thinking, combined with the earth’s long life history of 4 billion years, that makes scientists have to explore and study the problems that may have existed in prehistoric civilization. Of course, to prove the existence of prehistoric civilization, it’s useless to just guess. We need to find some real traces of existence. If prehistoric civilization existed on the earth, it is normal to leave some traces of prehistoric civilization.

On the way of exploring prehistoric civilization, human beings have indeed found some so-called “relics of prehistoric civilization”. The discovery of these “relics of prehistoric civilization” caused a shock in the scientific community at that time, but after more rigorous scientific research and judgment, it was found that all these “relics of prehistoric civilization” were false. Four of them are the most representative. They are all scientific lies. Even so, some people still believe them. Now, let’s take a look at these four so-called “relics of prehistoric civilization” lies.

1、 The nuclear reactor of 2 billion years ago is no stranger to us. Nuclear energy can be said to be the most powerful energy found and applied by human beings. In addition to making nuclear weapons, nuclear energy can also be used in all aspects of human beings, such as nuclear power plants. To apply nuclear energy, we need to make nuclear reactors.

Because the half-life of uranium is very long, it is also the most important direction for scientists to look for traces of prehistoric civilization. If prehistoric civilization has entered the era of science and technology, it is natural to build nuclear reactors. Even if civilization is destroyed and disappeared later, nuclear reactors will not disappear completely. As long as we can find such things, we can prove the existence of prehistoric civilization.

On June 2, 1972, French physicist buzger accidentally found that the abundance of uranium 235 and 238 in a batch of nuclear fuel was questionable, which was 0.003% less than the standard value. Buzger informed the French Atomic Energy Commission of the matter. After the Commission’s study, it believed that the source of the matter was the Oklo uranium deposit, the ore producing area.

Scientists made a careful investigation of the Oklo uranium deposit and found a large number of fission products in the deposit, as well as a nuclear reactor here. By calculating the decay period of uranium, scientists believe that the reactor has existed for at least 2 billion years.

The discovery of a nuclear reactor two billion years ago, we can imagine how big a sensation it will produce. At that time, many people thought that this was the real evidence of the existence of prehistoric civilization. Was the nuclear reactor really built by prehistoric civilization?

Later, after more rigorous research and analysis, scientists thought that the nuclear reactor was too crude, not man-made, but a natural nuclear reactor. Although scientists have explained that the nuclear reactor is not man-made, many people still believe that it is the product of prehistoric civilization two billion years ago.

2、 Hammer 300 million years ago. Hammer is a very common tool in rural areas. After mankind entered the era of civilization, with the iron making technology, the hammer gradually came into being. Human civilization is only about 5000 years old, but in 1936, in New London, a man named Max Hahn found a strange looking stone by the river, which was wrapped with a hammer.

According to experts at that time, this hammer has a history of at least 300 million years. However, 300 million years ago, it was the Devonian period, when insects dominated the earth. Dinosaurs and mammals did not appear. If the hammer was 300 million years ago, it is probably a product of prehistoric civilization.

So is this hammer really 300 million years old? Later, scientists analyzed as like as two peas hammers used by local miners more than 100 years ago. And it doesn’t take 300 million years for the rock to wrap it and form what it looks like today. Under the premise of rich minerals, it may only take decades to form.

3、 Ancient batteries, batteries, I believe friends all know that it is the product of the era of science and technology. In ancient times, batteries were unlikely to appear. But in the 1930s, archaeologists found a strange pottery pot about the size of a palm behind the wall of a house in Baghdad, with a metal tube inside.

The scientists poured the acid into it and were surprised to find that it was a battery. Such a discovery shocked the scientific community. Did people in ancient times grasp the battery manufacturing technology? It’s impossible to think about it, so some people point the finger at prehistoric civilization.

So is this really an ancient battery? Scientists later found that the battery can only emit a small current, and can not be applied to actual production and life. So what is its function? Scientists believe that ancient people may be used for sacrificial activities to make believers feel the existence of “God” in local paralysis.

We should know that the ancients were actually very smart, otherwise human civilization would not have developed so fast. In ancient times, people inadvertently found some applications of electric current, which is not a miracle. We should know that there were many incredible great inventions in ancient China, which could not be cracked even in modern times.

4、 I believe many friends have heard of the legend of crystal skeleton. In the mystery of crystal skull, it is said: according to the Presbyterian tradition, there are 52. There are 13 Mayans, and others are scattered in holy places all over the world, including many other native tribes in America, including Tibetan and Australian tribes.

According to records, the first human to discover the crystal skeleton in the world is Mitchell haggis, an explorer from England. In 1926, in the remains of the Mayan civilization, Mitchell haggis and her daughter Anna dug out the crystal skeleton from the ground.

According to experts at that time, the crystal skull is at least 4000 years old, and its surface is smooth and natural, without artificial traces. It looks as like as two peas of natural products. People guess that it may be a biological skull. What kind of creature can have such a special skull and look exactly like human skull?

Some people speculate that it may be the skull of some mysterious prehistoric intelligent creature. Because there is no specific answer, the crystal skull was put into the museum, which is known as one of the great archaeological discoveries of the 20th century.

By the end of the 20th century, a group of researchers had taken it out of the museum and used higher precision instruments for in-depth detection. It turns out that it’s not ancient skulls, but modern European skulls.

At the same time, scientists also found a large number of traces polished by modern machines on the surface of the crystal skeleton. Through the powerful instrument detection, we finally found the true face of the crystal skeleton. It is just a modern product, a prank of some people, and a big scam in the history of archaeology.

The above four so-called major discoveries of prehistoric civilization have been proved to be deceptions and lies by rigorous science. However, there is still no progress in the exploration of prehistoric civilization, and there is no real trace to prove their existence. Perhaps, prehistoric civilization itself does not exist. Human beings are the only intelligent civilization on earth so far.

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