There are four magical phenomena in the mysterious universe, each of which amazes scientists

After walking out of the earth, human beings see the vast and mysterious universe. The universe seems very quiet and lonely, but there are countless mysteries hidden behind the silence. The goal of human beings is to solve these mysteries one by one and find out the truth behind the universe. Then human beings can become the overlord of the universe.

With the deepening of scientists’ exploration and study of the universe, we have found many interesting phenomena. Among them, four phenomena are even more surprising to scientists. They violate human intuitive cognition. But these four phenomena, which violate people’s cognition, have been confirmed by scientists through experiments. So what are these four special cosmic phenomena? Let’s have a simple understanding one by one.

1. The speed of light cannot be surpassed, and speed is the key factor for human beings to understand the earth. In ancient times, people did not have fast-moving means of transportation, so there was no way to travel all over the world to understand every corner of the earth. Until entering the era of science and technology, with the help of science and technology, various advanced and fast means of transportation appeared.

With fast transportation, we can cross oceans, mountains and rivers to every corner of the earth’s surface. With the advantage of speed, we also have a new understanding of the earth, and with the continuous improvement of speed, we finally get out of the earth and see the vast universe.

Similarly, if we want to explore the whole universe, we also need the advantage of speed, but when we really see the universe, we will know how vast it is. The distance of the universe is based on light years. The diameter of the small solar system is 2 light years, and the diameter of the Milky way is 100000 light years.

The Milky Way galaxy is within the observable range of 93 billion light-years, even smaller than a cell. Although the distance of the universe is vast, as long as we can continue to improve the speed, we believe that one day we will be able to travel all over the universe.

The ideal is beautiful, but the results of the study make scientists feel frustrated. It turns out that Einstein’s theory of relativity puts forward a limit on speed, that is, the speed of light. Any mass object, its speed can only be infinitely close to the speed of light, can not reach, can not exceed.

The reason why the speed of light can not reach and surpass is that when a mass object is moving, its mass will increase infinitely as the speed infinitely approaches the speed of light. At this time, the energy needed for the object to continue to accelerate will reach infinity, which is obviously impossible, so the speed of the object can never exceed the speed of light.

This counterintuitive phenomenon is hard for many people to accept, but it has been proved to be correct through continuous experiments by scientists. Through the particle accelerator, scientists will continue to accelerate the electron with very small mass. No matter how hard they try, its speed can only accumulate on the basis of 99%, that is, it can not really reach 100% of the speed of light.

2. Space and time can be distorted. Einstein’s general theory of relativity shows us the basic property of space and time, which is distortion. Maybe in the eyes of many people, the space-time we see is flat and stable, but if we enlarge the universe many times, you will find that the whole universe is not calm at all, but there are distortions everywhere.

However, due to the small amplitude of the normal space-time distortion, we can’t really feel it. Although our naked eye can’t see the space-time distortion phenomenon in the calm universe, scientists have confirmed that it is indeed universal through a large number of experiments.

It is precisely because of the existence of space-time distortion that scientists need to correct time in various space exploration experiments. For example, in the GPS satellite navigation system, the reason why we can keep the time synchronized is that we have corrected the time of the outer space orbit of the earth and the time of the earth. Otherwise, the time of the satellite signal we receive will deviate. In addition, gravitational lensing, gravitational detector B, pion lifetime prolongation and so on can prove the existence of space-time distortion.

3. Quantum entanglement, in our macro cognition, the speed of light is a limit, even photons and radio waves can only be transmitted at the speed of light, can not exceed the speed of light. So in the world of science, is there an incredible superluminal phenomenon? The answer is yes.

At the macro level, at present, we only see that the universe expands faster than the speed of light. In the micro world, there is also a phenomenon far beyond the speed of light, which is quantum entanglement. In the quantum world, there are many phenomena beyond our cognition, among which quantum entanglement is one of the most representative.

Due to the limited distance on earth, the transmission between signals can achieve instant communication. However, in the universe, because the distance is in light years, the signal transmission can not achieve instant communication. According to the different distance, the signal will have a great delay. If someone tells you that even if the distance between the universe is large, there is a phenomenon that can achieve instant communication, you will not believe it.

But in fact, this phenomenon does exist. It is the magic quantum entanglement. This phenomenon is called “ghostly super distance effect” by Einstein. In short, for two micro particles in the entangled state, no matter how far the distance between them is, even if they are located at the two ends of the universe, they can feel each other in an instant, as long as one of them is involved The state of one will change, and the other will change immediately.

So does this phenomenon exist only in theory? Of course not. In 2019, Tilly took pictures of quantum entanglement with a camera at 40000 frames per second. The experiment of quantum entanglement proves that it is of great significance to human beings. It reveals the communication technology needed for future interstellar navigation.

I believe friends all understand that if the interstellar navigation is based on traditional wireless technology, then the speed is only the speed of light. This kind of communication speed is very difficult to have a huge effect in the interstellar. If a starship breaks down hundreds of light years away, it needs earth rescue. But it takes hundreds of years for the earth to receive a distress signal.

When we receive the interstellar distress signal, we have already missed a big event, so we need instant messaging tools in interstellar navigation. Quantum entanglement undoubtedly points out the direction for us. As long as we study quantum communication, the problem of interstellar communication will be solved.

4. Matter can be created out of nothing. Macroscopic theory holds that matter cannot be produced out of thin air. However, in the quantum world, theory holds that a large number of particles can appear out of thin air in the vacuum of the universe. They appear in pairs in a positive and negative way, and then disappear in a very short time in the form of annihilation. This phenomenon is called “quantum fluctuation”.

Can this phenomenon be proved by experiments? Of course, scientists confirmed this phenomenon in a precise experiment as early as 1966. If “quantum fluctuations” really exist, then when we place two parallel plates in a vacuum, we make them very close.

At this time, the “quantum fluctuations” between the two boards will be less intense than the outside, and finally the two boards will be subjected to a force in vacuum to make them close to each other. This kind of force is called “Casimir force”, which has been proved in experiments.

The above four cosmic phenomena are just the tip of the iceberg among the numerous mysterious phenomena in the universe. However, it is still unknown how many mysterious phenomena exist in the universe beyond our cognition and imagination. It can be predicted that with the continuous progress of human science and technology, we can find more magical phenomena, and some phenomena may completely subvert the existing scientific view of human beings.

Of course, existence is reasonable. As long as it is a cosmic phenomenon, there must be corresponding scientific truth behind it. If we can’t explain and subvert the scientific view of human beings, it can only show that human science and technology has not reached that level. Our scientific system is far from perfect.

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