There are four unsolved mysteries in the scientific community, each of which is likely to achieve a qualitative leap in human civilization

After the big bang, the greatest mystery that was born may be life. Life has brought vitality to the universe. At the same time, the emergence of intelligent life has the opportunity to explore the universe and understand the mysteries of the universe.

Mankind is the intelligent life born millions of years ago. After continuous development, it finally entered the era of civilization 5000 years ago and the era of science and technology hundreds of years ago. If it is inconceivable that the earth was born with intelligent life, then the emergence of science is also a very inconceivable thing.

What is science? It is the essence of all things in the world. Only through science can we really understand how the universe was born? What is the essence of all things in the universe? The mystery behind the numerous rules of the universe. And it is precisely when human beings begin to study and master science that we have the splendid civilization of science and technology.

Of course, the road of science is endless. No one knows where the end of science lies. It is more difficult to master than the end of the universe. Some people say that when human beings have completely solved the ultimate mystery of the universe, science will come to an end. In fact, it is not. It is possible that science existed long before the birth of the universe, and the solution to the ultimate mystery of the universe is only a link on the road of science.

Although scientists are broad and profound, human beings are advancing step by step by relying on their own wisdom. On the road of science, it is inevitable to encounter a lot of unsolved mysteries. Among them, there are four unsolved mysteries in the scientific community that have plagued scientists up to now. Moreover, if any of these four unsolved mysteries is solved, it is possible to bring a qualitative leap to human civilization. So what are the four unsolved mysteries? Let’s learn about it with Xiaobian.

1、 I believe friends know the mystery of black hole. It has experienced a lot of ups and downs from the initial guess to the later confirmation. 2019 is an important year for human beings to explore black holes. In this year, scientists have finally taken the first real picture of black holes in human history. This supermassive black hole is about 65 million light-years away from the earth. It is very hard for us to take pictures of this spectacular black hole at such a long distance.

Although we all know that black holes exist in the universe, we know little about them. Modern science describes a black hole as a singularity with infinite density, infinitely small mass and infinitely large heat. It is this singularity that makes the horizon of the black hole impossible for the celestial bodies and matter to escape.

Due to the powerful phagocytic properties of black holes, even light will not pass. Therefore, we know nothing about the interior of a black hole except that we can observe its horizon. For the internal situation of black hole, scientists have many conjectures, such as its center is a singularity. But what’s the real situation? I believe that only when we walk into the black hole can we understand it.

The physical characteristics of black holes have surpassed the existing physical system. Hawking, a famous modern physicist, proposed Hawking radiation, which is a very big research achievement on black holes. But one point may be just a drop in the bucket. What attracts people to explore the desire of black hole is the inner condition of its center.

However, as the matter entering the black hole is unable to transmit the information, it seems impossible to send the detector into the black hole in the future. Even if the detector entering the black hole sees the essence and truth of the black hole, the information can not be transmitted and we can not receive it from the outside world. In order to solve the problem of information transmission inside and outside the black hole, it is possible to focus on the research of quantum entanglement in quantum mechanics in the future.

2、 In the view of many people, our universe is unique. In fact, this understanding is similar to human’s understanding of the earth thousands of years ago. At that time, we also thought that the earth was the only planet and world in the world. But now the facts tell us that the earth is just one of the countless celestial bodies in the universe, so small that it can’t even count as dust.

What about the universe? Is it the only one? Is there another universe beyond the universe? We are in the same situation as our ancestors in ancient times. Full of yearning for the world and the universe, the universe is so vast and boundless in front of human beings. And now human beings do not have the ability to travel all over the universe. Naturally, they do not know how big the universe is, let alone whether the universe has boundaries.

If we expand our thinking to thousands or tens of thousands of years later, we may understand from the perspective of future people that the universe is not the only one. There is more space outside the universe, and there are more universes in it. And our universe is just a speck of dust outside the universe. This kind of cognition is similar to that of the ancients.

Scientists are pioneers at the top of human civilization, and their own understanding of the universe is more open. Scientists have put forward the concept of multiverse for a long time. In the view of scientists, although the origin of the universe is very mysterious, we do not know how big the universe is, but there is no doubt that the universe has its own size. Even if it is expanding outwards, it will still have its own formation and size.

If we want to really see the whole picture of our universe, maybe we have to go to the universe. Just like if human beings want to fully see the true face of the earth, they have to go out of the earth and stand in space. On earth, we never know what the earth looks like. The same is true. If we are in the universe, it is impossible for us to see the real universe.

3、 Why can time only go forward but not backward? Time, like space, has appeared since the big bang. Time and space are the two most mysterious laws in the universe. The concept of time we use now is actually defined by human beings themselves. What is the real time? Now science has no answer. It is still an unsolved mystery.

When we use time, we will find that time will only move forward and not backward. Maybe many people will ask: why? Scientists’ explanation for this is that an attribute of “entropy” is at work. When the universe was born, entropy appeared, and its value began to increase.

Entropy will only increase, but not reverse. It is the increase of entropy that will lead to more disordered arrangement of particles. Therefore, with the change of things, they tend to fall into a disordered state, so time can only move forward but not backward.

However, there are many unsolved mysteries about time. Some scientists once studied the reversal of time. Although they did not succeed, it is of extraordinary significance to human beings. It is possible that in the future, human beings will really solve the mystery of time and master the essence of time. At that time, there may be a way to reverse time and go back to the past through time and space. Do you think it’s possible?

4、 The mystery of dark matter and dark energy. As early as 1933, Swiss astronomer zweiki used two different methods to estimate the total mass of the galaxy cluster: photometric method and kinetic method. Results the mass calculated by kinetic method is 400 times larger than that calculated by photometric method! There is only one explanation for such a huge error: the mass of the luminous stars is only a small part of the mass of the galaxy cluster, and a large part of the mass goes nowhere. So he called it “shortage quality.”. This mass shortage is what we now call dark matter and dark energy.

In the 21st century, great discoveries have been made in the research and exploration of dark matter. Ten years ago, American astronomers used the Chandra X-ray telescope to observe galaxy cluster 1E 0657-56, and inadvertently observed the process of Galaxy collision. The collision power of galaxy clusters is so powerful that dark matter is separated from normal matter. And this separation process was just detected by scientists, so far, direct evidence of the existence of dark matter was found.

There is no doubt about the existence of dark matter and dark energy, and scientists know that they account for more than 90% of the total matter in the universe. Dark matter and dark energy are the real managers and controllers of the universe. The formation of the cosmic framework and the rapid expansion of the universe are all related to dark matter and dark energy. Although scientists have known that dark matter and dark energy exist widely in the universe, they still know nothing about their essence and what they are.

In order to search for dark matter, scientists have launched a dark matter detector into space, but so far, we have not captured any dark matter.

We don’t know what dark matter and dark energy are? However, scientists are more and more interested in their research and exploration. It is possible that whether human civilization can make a qualitative breakthrough again and become a real interstellar civilization, the hope is to focus on the research and exploration of dark energy and dark matter. Therefore, scientists believe that in the next few centuries, human beings are likely to focus on dark matter and dark energy.

The above four unsolved mysteries in the scientific community are only representative of many unsolved mysteries. In fact, on the road of human scientific exploration, there will only be more and more unsolved mysteries. Only when there are more unsolved mysteries can we have more knowledge of the universe and all things. The process of destroying the unsolved mystery is also the process of human civilization becoming stronger and stronger.

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