There are four wonderful books all over the world, which no one understands. One of them disappeared and suddenly appeared in 391

The first book is called “miracles and miracles Chronicle”. This book records all the anecdotes in Europe from ancient Greece to ancient Rome. It is said that there are some predictions at that time in this book, which are not very different from our Chinese “Strange Tales from a lonely studio”. But the most amazing thing about this book is that it records a large number of creatures and has accurate pictures. Among them, there are also real creatures in our real life, such as rhinoceros, elephants and camels. And also recorded some monsters, such as sea monsters, such as mutants, which are very mysterious.

The second book is called “boar Wu”. There are many myths about the Maya people. However, the most widely spread rumors about the end of the world are just hearsay. The true wisdom of the Maya people and their perception of the world are actually hidden in this book. This book is also called the book of man. It contains the Maya’s views on the origin of human beings and their views on the world. The Mayans believed that the first man in the world was made of water mixed with mud and sand, and the second man was made of wood. And strangely enough, this book can be divided into four parts: creating the world, ancestor myth, historical story, cosmology, and the coexistence of ignorance and advancement.

The third book is called the Voynich manuscript, which is located in the world famous Yale University. Yale University gathers countless intellectuals and intelligent people in the world, but no one can understand this book. On the surface, this book is a botanical book, but it’s strange that the plants in this book do not exist in reality, but are the plants imagined by the author. Once a master of cryptography sorted out a password table from the book, but no further discovery was made. However, some people speculate that the plants in this book are actually a fraud. In fact, this book is about alchemy.

The fourth book is the book of Sawyer. Compared with the previous books, this book is more mysterious. The previous books still have traces to follow in real life, but this book is completely out of touch with reality. This book is called the Latin magic book. Moreover, Elizabethan scholar John Dee believed that the author of the book was not a human being at all, but an angel in Western mythology, because it also recorded the deeds of Adam and Eve. And this book was lost in history for 391 years, but in modern times, two copies of this book suddenly appeared in London and Harvard libraries.

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