There are horn calls on the heads of monsters in the dense forest, which are strange and frighten the forest rangers. Experts are also very surprised!

Leigong Mountain on Yunnan Guizhou Plateau is a place where Miao people gather in all dynasties. In Miao people’s language, this place is called deep mountains and dense forests. At the same time, it is located in the northeast of Leishan County, dense and mysterious.

One day, when Yang, a forest ranger, was patrolling by a stream, he suddenly heard a strange noise, but it was not the same. He would follow him all the time. At the same time, he couldn’t tell which direction the sound came from, so this kind of sound made Lao Yang feel scared. He couldn’t think of the reason.

So he could only quickly escape from the forest, and then Lao Yang, with a lingering fear, shared his experience with several other forest rangers, but it was a surprise that several other people had also heard this strange cry.

Leigong Mountain is high and has many trees, and the natural ecological environment is very good, so it’s not strange that there are some strange beasts or unknown creatures or animals, so is this kind of strange sound made by unknown ferocious beasts? All kinds of opinions came out one after another, and we didn’t know which one to believe.

For his own safety and in order to find out what kind of creature this is, Lao Yang and other forest rangers contacted some reporters and some scientists, hoping that these people could help. Sure enough, the scientists used a very good strategy to capture many creatures, including the source of this sound.

So the first thing to be sure is that this creature is not very big, so it should not be a fierce beast.

And the moment we opened the bag, we were shocked. What kind of monster was it? They had horns on their heads and dark skin. At the same time, they made strange noises in their mouths, but they looked like frogs. In fact, the local Miao family can see this kind of thing often, and they call this kind of creature “gangga”“

And biologists were surprised and excited.

They don’t really know enough about this creature, he said. It’s actually endemic to China. At present, there are only six species in China. They are distributed in different places, which means that they are very scattered. At the same time, the number of special populations is relatively small. Therefore, researchers on amphibians can say that they are very few.

This biology is called moustache toad, which is a very rare species. The population history of species is the main content of evolutionary biology, which is of great significance to understand the origin and evolution of biodiversity. Previous studies have shown that paleogeological events and climate fluctuations have far-reaching impacts on the population history of species distributed in North America, Europe and the Tibetan Plateau of China and its surrounding areas, while the impact on the population history of species distributed in southern China is controversial.

If we can maintain the biodiversity, we can ensure the continuous circulation of human ecosystem. After all, the organisms in nature are interdependent. Species extinction is a great loss for human beings. Therefore, human beings should protect animals and plants as well as themselves.

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