There are huge creatures on American beaches, which should not have appeared in the United States. Expert: it’s not a good thing!

Nature has always been in a state of balance, but in recent years, with the development of science and technology and the progress of life, the balance of nature has been broken. Especially in 2020, natural disasters of different degrees have broken out in many countries, and many animals are on the verge of extinction. Just a while ago, a strange creature appeared on the beach of California in the United States. This phenomenon has aroused people’s heated discussion. What kind of creature is this?

According to the photos, this creature is very big. Although it looks like a marine creature, it never appears before. At that time, many tourists saw this phenomenon when they were playing on the beach, and people were very curious. Different from other fish, this huge creature has no tail and is two meters long. Some netizens think that perhaps this giant creature is not a creature on earth, but an alien. This phenomenon has naturally attracted the attention of the scientific community. When scientists carried out research, they found that this kind of creature has not never appeared. This kind of creature is actually called sunfish, which is called Mola in China.

Why molas appear in the United States?

Molas are still very rare, so many people feel incredible when they see them. Generally speaking, molas grow in South America and Australia, but why do they appear in the United States in the northern hemisphere? Can such a fish Cross Mountains and rivers to the north? When the Mola was found, it was already dead. Some scientists believe that the reason why this Mola appears on the northern hemisphere beach is probably related to the changes of the marine environment. Maybe this Mola is wandering in the ocean of the southern hemisphere. Unexpectedly, with the change of ocean current, it came to the northern hemisphere by mistake.

Some people think that the main food of molas is jellyfish and plankton. Due to changes in the marine environment, they can no longer find this kind of organisms in their own areas. In order to survive, they have to go to other waters to look for food. Maybe it is for this reason that molas appear in the Northern Hemisphere. In fact, these are all conjectures. At present, scientists have not given a final conclusion. However, for whatever reason, molas are not suitable for survival in the northern hemisphere, so they die on the beach.

Whale grounding incident

In fact, this is not the first time that marine organisms have been stranded. In 2017, hundreds of whales appeared on a beach in New Zealand. Whales could only live in the deep sea, so more than 200 whales died on the beach. Although scientists have not found the reason why whales appear on the beach, this situation has also sounded an alarm for human beings. If the marine environment is not damaged, how can these creatures go to other waters?

Therefore, scientists have also issued a warning to mankind that if we do not pay attention to environmental protection, then human habitat will also face the situation of disappearing. Perhaps in the future, human beings will repeat the mistakes of these marine organisms. I don’t know what you think?

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