There are hundreds of rogue black holes in the galaxy. Fortunately, it is far away from the earth, otherwise it will bring great disaster

Recently, astronomers found that there are hundreds of “rogue black holes” in galaxies, which is an extremely powerful destructive force. The discovery shocked astronomers, and further observations revealed that these rogue black holes were evenly distributed inside the galaxy, like a huge ring surrounding the galaxy. This situation could lead to a major crisis in the galaxy.

What is a rogue black hole?

This is a medium mass black hole, which is called the black hole in the galaxy by associate professor Kelly hollibackman, a physical astronomer at Vanderbilt University in Tennessee. It can’t be seen, and through mutual gravitation, hundreds of black holes form a spherical group of black holes that devour passing stars and nebulae. This kind of rogue black hole will not do harm to the earth, but will devour the passing nebulae, stars and planets. The damage range of rogue black hole is Schwarzschild radius (or gravity radius), and its damage range is only a few hundred kilometers. This distance has no effect on the earth.

In modern general relativity, black hole is a kind of super high mass object existing in the universe. It is called black hole because it does not reflect light with the blackbody in thermodynamics. When the fuel of nuclear fusion reaction is exhausted and the star with enough mass dies, the black hole will collapse by gravity. The mass is extremely large, the volume is extremely small, and the gravitational field produced by the black hole is so strong that any matter and radiation can no longer escape within the event horizon (critical point) of the black hole, and even the fastest light (electromagnetic wave) can no longer escape.

In the center of the galaxy, there is a huge black hole whose mass is several billion times that of the sun. Due to the huge attraction of the black hole, the surrounding materials begin to accelerate around the black hole. In the extremely complex environment of the galaxy center, it is in this environment that it is possible to stabilize the structure of the whole galaxy. The core of a galaxy is very important to the whole galaxy, and it can even be said to be the source of life of the galaxy.

Giant black holes can make galaxies energetic, which is the normal metabolism of galaxies, and scientists have done a lot of new research. The galactic center has become a favorite area for most astronomers and scientists to study, because there are many new changes in matter here, giving scientists and astronomers time to study. As a result, many scientists and astronomers ignore the situation around galaxies.

In fact, there is a relatively open space around the galaxy, where scientists and astronomers think it is impossible to find anything. But a year ago, on July 21, 2016, scientists found a devastating black hole, a rogue black hole that we are not familiar with. Bully black holes have all the characteristics of black holes, and may surpass giant black holes.

These rogue black holes are not massive, usually equivalent to medium-sized black holes, but they are more mysterious and their physical principles are more complex. This kind of black hole will appear in the cosmic space, which is completely invisible to astronomers and scientists. Scientists and astronomers are still studying it seriously, and finally obtained the technical images in the past two days.

At present, the biggest problem is that hundreds of rogue black holes discovered by scientists and astronomers often appear in the galaxy. The distribution of rogue black holes is very uniform, forming a huge encirclement. It can be said that the galaxy is completely surrounded by rogue black holes, and it is almost impossible to break away from the encirclement of black holes. In this scenario, the black hole crisis is clearly in front of the galaxy, and the future scenario is unpredictable.

From the research of astronomers and scientists, these rogue black holes will not threaten the earth at present, but it is difficult to predict what will happen in the future. Using the latest technology, scientists have found hundreds of rogue black holes, which are rapidly moving around the galaxy. Now the exact evidence shows that these rogue black holes have surrounded the whole galaxy. Now it can be said that the planets around the galaxy are in crisis.

Harvard Smithsonian, a scientist of astrophysics research center and a famous American expert, through his series of research and analysis, a recent study shows that black holes have appeared, and hundreds of supermassive black holes have been formed at the beginning of the formation of the universe. With the passage of time, these black holes gradually disintegrate and become the current small mass rogue black holes, which are likely to wander around the galaxy.

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