There are many strange planets or spaceships on biling, which are suspected of the invasion of extraterrestrial civilization

Whether there is an alien civilization in the universe has always been the topic of human beings. Since human beings began to explore the universe, they have been searching for aliens. Send a probe and send a radio signal to outer space.

In addition to these means, human beings are also actively looking for planets that may have life in the depths of the universe. Some earth like planets have been found, and water, atmosphere and magnetic field have been detected. Such planets are very likely to have the existence of alien civilization.

Recently, scientists have found something unusual in Bilin. It turns out that many strange planets have appeared near Bilin, which is quite different from previous observation and research. In the past, there were no such stars near Bilin, and these stars seemed to emerge overnight. Are these planets really planets? Will there be huge spaceships of alien advanced civilization?

Some people may want to ask, if it’s a spaceship, it’s not as big as a planet. It’s true. We can’t use the technology that the earth can only build an aircraft carrier of a few hundred meters to build an alien civilization. Once a civilization develops into an interstellar civilization, its construction capacity will be greatly improved. A spaceship of the size of a star is unthinkable to the earth people, but for the alien civilization, it may cost more materials.

Isn’t it true that a spaceship the size of the earth has been discovered near the sun recently, absorbing energy from the sun? There is a great possibility that these things appear on Bilin are the fleets of alien civilizations. Scientists suspect that they are planets, but this is not very likely. Imagine that we have observed Bilin, but we have not found these nearby planets. This time, so many of them suddenly appear. How can they be natural planets?

This obviously tells us that this is a space fleet, but the size of the spaceship is the size of a star. I just don’t know what this alien civilization fleet will do when it suddenly comes to lead the star? Friendly or malicious, leading stars in Centaurus, only a few light years away from the earth, this distance is a distant dream for the earth, but for the civilization that can carry out interstellar navigation, it may not be a long distance. Hawking did not last time warn humans not to contact with aliens, who are not necessarily friendly. With the current science and technology of the earth, it is not possible for us to win with any alien spaceship, let alone an alien fleet.

But no one can say anything in the universe. If you don’t take the initiative to contact the aliens, it doesn’t mean that the aliens won’t take the initiative to come. What’s more, human beings are sending probes to the solar system and constantly sending radio waves to outer space. Maybe the aliens have already received the signal from the earth, and the position of the earth may have been exposed. This time, the stars like alien spaceships appeared in biling, will they be aimed at the earth? Maybe aliens are watching us through telescopes a few light years away.

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