There are more than 50 unidentified objects in the sky of the United States, emitting light. Is it the alien spaceship fleet?

In recent years, many people have witnessed the emergence of unidentified aircraft in the sky. These unidentified objects are supposed to be alien spaceships. Most of the answers are actually natural phenomena or UAVs. Most of the time, witnesses saw only one or two UFOs. And just a while ago, a video of UFOs suddenly spread on the Internet. Some people suspected that these UFOs might be alien spaceship fleets. Is it true this time?

UFOs in clouds?

This video was shot by a family in the United States, and when it was sent to social media, it caused a heated discussion. This video lasted more than one minute. The family of four was resting in the yard when they suddenly saw a huge cloud in the blue sky. The cloud attracted their attention because of the dazzling light in the clouds. So they quickly recorded this phenomenon with their mobile phones and published it on the Internet. Scott welling, a UFO hunter, claimed that the video might be evidence of the existence of aliens.

Wei Lin is a loyal UFO lover. He updates UFO news on his social account every day. After seeing this video, he claims that the light emitted by the cloud is not generated naturally, but by UFOs. In this video, UFOs are not fast, they move slowly from right to left. He thinks that this may be the communication between aliens and human beings, and the light is the signal of aliens.

This video is full of discussion

He also claimed that if humans reflected them with a laser, they would retransmit the signal within three seconds. Some UFO researchers claim that there are more than 50 alien spaceships hidden behind the cloud. This video has caused a lot of controversy on the Internet. Some people think that clouds can’t emit light on their own initiative. Therefore, these unidentified aircraft are alien spaceships. They are monitoring the earth. Others think that the authenticity of this video can’t be guaranteed. Maybe it was edited by four members of this family.

Although this video has been controversial on the Internet, scientists have not made much explanation for it. Maybe there are more and more videos about UFOs in recent years, most of which are caused by human visual deviation, so scientists are not satisfied with this video.

It is worth noting that although the UFO enthusiast named wellin has updated a large number of UFO videos and photos, most of them are not direct evidence. He once claimed that there was a person near Mercury’s meteorite to take care of us. According to satellite data, this is actually the result of comet impact. Therefore, whether this video is an alien or not, we should have our own answers.

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