There are more than 7000 giant bubbles in Siberia!

There are more than 7000 giant bubbles in Siberia!

There are many natural landscapes on the earth, especially those who love to travel. They always take their spare time to visit. In the face of these unique natural landscapes, it is inevitable to arouse the yearning feeling of human heart. The Siberian region of Russia is covered with a mysterious veil, and most people dare not approach it. Some time ago, under the influence of global warming, the environment in Siberia has undergone tremendous changes, the frozen soil layer has been rapidly melting, and the ancient biological remains that have been covered with dust for many years have reappeared in the sky, which undoubtedly sounded an alarm for mankind.

Recently, a rare event has happened in this area. Countless giant bubbles have sprung up in many places on the ground, with the smallest size reaching more than 10 meters and the largest one reaching more than 100 meters. Scientists predict that at least 7000 giant bubbles exist in Siberia, and their causes are being confirmed. As these giant bubbles grow bigger and bigger, they will explode anytime and anywhere, and may be ignited if they are not careful. There are more than 7000 giant bubbles in Siberia!

Siberian “giant bubble” is forming

Once, a country launched a satellite into outer space. Within three years, more than a dozen bubbles were observed to explode one after another. Two of them are very dangerous, more like a time bomb. They will explode at any time. In August of this year, scientists found another giant bubble was ignited, causing a huge explosion, with a depth of 50 meters. Many people are speculating that the explosion should take place What’s in giant bubbles?

Because the explosion is too powerful, leaving a big hole, it has to attract the attention of experts. People have speculated on the cause of its formation. Some people think that aliens are playing tricks on us. These giant bubbles are time bombs left by aliens to us. If we step on them carelessly, they will explode. Some people speculate that it is a prank of some people. At present, experts will tell us Some of the reasons point to global warming, because it leads to such a big change in Siberian permafrost.

The power of giant bubble explosion

Carbon dioxide, methane and other greenhouse gases, a large number of gases gathered together will lead to the deformation of the surface, forming the giant bubbles we see today. If the pressure is too high, it will eject from the surface and form a large hole. This year, the temperature in Siberia broke through the record high temperature of 38 degrees, which is only once in 80000 years. The explosion of the giant bubble is in progress. As for when it will stop, scientists can not give an accurate answer.

It is conceivable that if more than 7000 giant bubbles explode at the same time, how much impact will it bring to Siberia, and the whole earth will also be affected imperceptibly. It is not a small threat to the earth. It is estimated that the animals and plants living here will be on the verge of extinction. At present, it is urgent to control global warming and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Everyone should think deeply about why the earth has become like this. Frankly speaking, it has a great relationship with human behavior. What do you think of the 7000 odd giant bubbles discovered by experts? You can leave a message for interaction.

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