There are more than a million asteroids in the earth’s low earth orbit, and human beings will no longer worry about resources in the future

The overlord of the human earth is the intelligent life standing at the top of the food chain. Human development is inseparable from resources and energy. In ancient times, due to the lack of science and technology and the relatively small population, people had little demand for resources. However, with the rapid growth of human population in the era of science and technology, the demand for resources is also growing.

At the same time, the rapid development of science and technology also needs the support of a large number of resources, so we will see the rapid consumption of the earth’s resources. And these resources are basically non renewable resources, used up there is No. The earth is a planet rich in resources, so how do these resources come from? There are two main sources. Precious metals and other resources were brought by comets and asteroids in the early days of the earth.

In the early days of the earth, comets and asteroids not only brought rich water resources and seeds of life to the earth, but also brought all kinds of precious metal resources. For example, the precious gold now came from a golden asteroid hitting the earth. Coal, oil, natural gas and other resources, which are mainly due to the earth’s geological activities, shake the surface plants to the surface, after tens of millions, hundreds of millions of years to form.

Whether it’s precious metals, coal, oil and other resources, they are all non renewable resources, and we will have no resources to use up. Now the consumption rate of the earth’s resources is very fast, and it may not be long before the earth’s resources will be exhausted. What about the development of human science and technology at that time? What about human survival?

So scientists think of space resources, we all know that the universe is vast, the earth is just a grain of dust in it. There are countless celestial bodies in the vast universe, as well as countless resources. If we can exploit space resources, then human beings will no longer have to worry about energy. However, the scientific and technological strength of mankind is limited, and the space resources we can exploit in the future are limited to the solar system.

In addition to the eight major planets in the solar system, there are countless kinds of asteroids, such as the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter, the Kuiper belt on the edge of the solar system. They all have a large number of asteroids, especially the number of asteroids in the Kuiper belt is beyond estimation. Of course, for the asteroids on the edge of the solar system, it will take a long time for human beings to exploit them. The asteroids that we can exploit in the near future are mainly concentrated in the earth’s near earth orbit.

At present, the number of near Earth Asteroids discovered by scientists has reached 15000. Scientists estimate that the number may exceed 1 million, and the total resources may reach 42 trillion tons. This is a huge number. We need to know that the total resources of the earth are only 850 billion tons. If we can fully exploit and utilize the resources of near Earth Asteroids, the development of mankind in the next thousand years will not worry about resources any more.

Space mining is the main way for human beings to obtain resources in the future, but it needs the support of science and technology to realize space mining. If the strength of science and technology is not enough, space mining will not be used much. Only by truly realizing large-scale space mining can human beings really get rid of the resource crisis. In order to realize large-scale space mining, we need powerful power spacecraft first.

Asteroids in low earth orbit are not stationary. They are all in high-speed motion. If we want to exploit these asteroids, we need to make them stationary first. At this time, we need the tug of the spacecraft. If the spacecraft does not have strong power, it is impossible to stop the asteroid by tugging, or it will destroy the spacecraft.

Therefore, to achieve space mining, an important step is the breakthrough of spacecraft power. If there is a more powerful power system, mining asteroids will no longer be a dream. When the asteroid is towed and stabilized by the spacecraft, it begins to mine asteroids. At this time, there are two modes of mining asteroids. One is to directly establish mining bases on asteroids for mining, which is mainly aimed at those larger asteroids.

The other is to drag asteroids to asteroid mining plants in space, and then mine them, mainly for small asteroids. In the future, humans will build large space mining plants in space, complete mining and smelting directly in space, and then transport the finished products back to earth for application. Some people may say that it is more convenient not to transport asteroids directly back to the earth for mining?

In fact, it is a very bad way to transport asteroids back to earth for mining, which will not only increase the cost of mining, but also bring a certain threat to the earth. We all know that asteroid impact is a devastating disaster. In order to reach the earth’s surface without causing impact damage, asteroids need a very high level of technology. They not only need to wrap the asteroid, so that it will be burned and consumed through the atmosphere, but also need stronger resistance to make the asteroid decelerate continuously, so that it will not cause impact damage when it falls to the ground.

Therefore, bringing asteroids back to earth for mining is only applicable to some small asteroids with high value. For example, China has focused on an asteroid and made bold suggestions that it will be transported back to earth in the near future. For some special asteroids with important research value, we can take the way to transport them back to earth for research.

The real space mining must be carried out in space. However, the cost of space mining in the early stage of mankind is bound to be much higher, but with the continuous progress of human science and technology, space mining technology continues to mature, and many non-governmental organizations will also join the space mining team. At that time, the era of universal mining will come, and space mining will also produce a number of new world millionaires.

In the future, many people will work in space and participate in space mining. At that time, human civilization will also usher in a new round of rapid development period, which is likely to make human civilization enter the interstellar civilization faster and realize the desire to go out of the solar system and explore the extrasolar space. We are looking forward to that day.

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