There are more than ten huge caves in the Arctic, 20 meters in diameter. Scientists are worried!

This year, the Arctic has become a hot word. The world covered by glaciers has reappeared in front of mankind. With the rise of global temperature, the Arctic is facing more and more problems. This year, the high temperature of 38C has been exceeded for the first time. In addition, there are many strange things happening in the Arctic circle. This year, a strange phenomenon has aroused people’s attention. There are many huge underground caves on the surface of the Arctic. No one knows where these underground caves come from or what their purpose is.

Caves in the Arctic

In fact, the appearance of these caves was accidental. At that time, a pilot was on a flight mission. When he flew over the grassland of Siberia, he suddenly found a huge cave on the surface of the earth. When the scientists learned of the news, they went to explore. After surveying, they found that the diameter of the cave was 20 meters and the depth was 52 meters. After research, they found that the cave should have been formed in 2013. In addition, they have also found many such caves near the Yamal peninsula. After seeing this phenomenon, scientists are also very surprised. One cave is already very strange, but more than a dozen caves have been found in succession, which is really strange. What’s the matter?

The causes of cave formation

Although glaciers in the Arctic are melting rapidly, and many substances buried in the permafrost are exposed, scientists believe that these caves have little to do with the melting of glaciers. It is likely that they are caused by explosion, because only explosion can form huge pressure, which can lead to the release of energy from the surface and form caves.

It seems that when these glaciers are crowded, the gas will be released to the earth’s surface in a ring shape. After reaching a certain level, the energy will explode. Of course, the explosive material is actually gas, and the gas emission crater is from this. On many planets, this kind of landscape will appear on the surface.

Until now, the cause of these caves is still uncertain, and many netizens think that maybe these huge caves were built by aliens. It has been rumored that there are entrances to the underground world in the north and south poles, and aliens have also seen bases in these two places. Scientists have carried out detailed exploration of these caves and found nothing strange, so these caves naturally have nothing to do with aliens.

Although scientists have ruled out the factors of global warming, the rising temperature is still the top priority. If we can’t control the speed of global warming, the topography of the Arctic will change, and there may be more and more such craters. Therefore, some people think that the creation of these caves may be a warning to mankind. I don’t know what people think?

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