There are mysterious forces sheltering the earth for billions of years, or the prehistoric civilization out of the earth

The universe is vast, at the same time, the universe is also very dangerous, such as solar storms, cosmic rays, planetary collisions, supernova explosions and black holes. It is not easy for a civilized planet to survive in the universe for a long time. However, in the 4.6 billion years since the birth of the earth, it has always been safe. Although there have been some minor disasters, human beings have become more and more prosperous. UFOs suspected to be aliens can often be seen, but none of them have attacked human beings.

There are also some UFOs in outer space. They may be spaceships. They don’t stop by the earth. Even some time ago, they found a spaceship as big as the earth near the sun. The aliens of this spaceship didn’t come to the earth to have a look. Don’t they know that there are human beings on the earth? This is obviously impossible. We are so backward in science and technology that we can find them. With such advanced science and technology, how can we not know that there are human beings on the earth?

All this is full of mystery. It seems that the earth is a monster. Alien civilizations dare not provoke. Are they afraid of human beings? That’s impossible. We’re afraid of aliens. What is the reason for this? Will there be a super civilization behind the earth that other civilizations dare not provoke. There is no such possibility. On earth, some small countries rely on some powerful countries, and no other country dares to provoke them? This is even more true in the universe. If advanced civilization is provoked, the race will be destroyed.

Who will protect the earth? The alien civilization that has nothing to do with the Earth certainly won’t. will you spare no effort to help someone you don’t know? The advanced civilization that has been sheltering the earth for billions of years must have a very close relationship with the earth. Who would it be?

Let’s open our minds and think about it. Since the earth has formed more than 4.6 billion, has there ever been an intelligent human species? Some scientists have found traces of prehistoric civilization on earth, and even nuclear reactors billions of years ago. That means that shortly after the birth of the earth, a prehistoric civilization was born on the earth. This civilization is also constantly evolving, and finally developed into a modern civilization. Just like human beings, prehistoric civilization has gone further.

With the development of prehistoric civilization to the interstellar age, all kinds of spaceships have explored the solar system and extrasolar planets. However, when a civilization develops to a certain extent, resources, energy and so on are a big obstacle. Naturally, prehistoric civilization is the same. With the continuous progress of science and technology, it is necessary to face a choice. Moreover, the development of prehistoric civilization in the solar system is becoming slower and needs to go out to find Opportunity, to communicate with other civilizations, can achieve faster development.

As a result, prehistoric civilization built a giant spaceship, leading all human beings to leave the earth and set out to the center of the galaxy. In this way, the earth will return to the past. After billions of years of development, life will continue to evolve, and a new intelligent race will be born, that is, human beings.

The prehistoric civilization that left the earth at the beginning started all the way to the center of the galaxy and explored the universe. At the same time, it also found alien civilizations of different civilization levels, exchanged technology with them, exploited resources, and promoted scientific and technological civilization step by step. After billions of years of development, prehistoric civilization has become a high-level civilization, and it is an ancient high-level civilization in the galaxy, standing at the top of the civilization of the galaxy.

The so-called “one man gets the way, the rooster and the dog ascends to heaven”. Prehistoric civilization went out of the earth, and now it has become a high-level civilization. The earth was once the parent star, so it can’t be ignored. Therefore, the earth is under the name of prehistoric civilization in the galactic civilization, and the earth is covered by prehistoric civilization to avoid being occupied by other civilizations.

Other civilizations in the galaxy may have also found the earth in the remote position of the solar system. A low-level civilization was originally the target of high-level civilization. Originally, it wanted to take down the earth directly, but at last, it was startled to check in the archives of the civilization in the galaxy. It turned out that prehistoric civilization had made it clear that the earth was their parent star, and no one could move I’ll wait for the serious consequences. When other civilizations look at this situation, prehistoric civilization can’t be provoked. This is a super civilization with a history of billions of years, which has provoked the earth. Let prehistoric civilization know that it is a disaster.

In this way, the earth for countless years, alien civilization has been afraid to move the reason. There have been aliens in the history of the earth, but these aliens not only did not invade the earth, but also helped the earth’s indigenous people to build buildings, such as the pyramids of Egypt, and other magnificent buildings thousands of years ago. In modern times, UFO appeared frequently. However, we found that these UFOs did not contact with human beings at all. When we saw that human beings were hiding, there was no incident of UFO attacking human beings. Are aliens good people? I don’t think it’s so simple. The technology of the aliens who can come to the earth is far from comparable to that of the earth. Even if they attack human beings, what can you say? It’s just a loss.

Strange is that aliens dare not attack humans, which is obviously a kind of fear. Are aliens afraid of humans? Maybe they are afraid of the ancient super civilization behind human beings. The purpose of these UFOs wandering around the earth may be to curry favor with the super civilization. They come to the earth as security guards. In case there is any disaster on the earth that cannot be solved by human beings, these aliens will help the parent star of the super civilization. The super civilization may take this civilization as a younger brother.

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