There are nine limits that the human body can bear. Let’s see. Maybe you have a chance to reach these limits

Do you know the limits of human beings? What are the limits of human speed, strength, body temperature and so on? Let’s take a look with Xiaobian!

The limit of running speed

As we all know, the fastest runner in the world is Usain Bolt, who set the world 100m record of 9.58 seconds in the 2009 Berlin World Championships. But in fact, this is not the limit of human running speed. According to human body structure, human can run to 9.48 seconds in theory, but it is unlikely to break bolt’s 100 meter record.

The limits of power

At present, the world record of weightlifting is 505kg, which is a British veteran Martin Tay. He was participating in the Hercules competition on May 5, 2019. Because his legs were disabled, he lifted 505kg by sitting and lifting.

The world record of weightlifting is 212 kg for snatch and 263 kg for clean and jerk. That is to say, Martin’s sitting lift is more than the two weights of the Olympic Games combined.

Another gravity record is the magic mountain in the game of Thrones. He took five steps with a weight of more than 600 Jin.

Speed of human reaction

At present, it is known that the limit of ordinary people’s reaction speed is about 0.2 seconds, and professional athletes or trained people can reach 0.1 seconds. But it can’t be more than 0.1 second. That’s the limit of human reaction speed.

In fact, there are differences in reaction speed, including visual response and auditory response. Generally speaking, people’s auditory response speed is better than vision, so in theory, the reaction speed of blind people is faster than that of normal people.

The limit of body temperature

People’s normal temperature is about 36 degrees centigrade. As long as the temperature rises or falls by one degree, it will cause all kinds of abnormal states. When the body temperature drops below 33 degrees or above 40 degrees, people can hardly think normally.

When a person’s temperature drops below 30 degrees or burns above 42 degrees, he will lose consciousness and his life will be in danger.

When a person’s body temperature drops below 24 degrees, his heart will stop working and rise to more than 45 degrees. Tissues of all parts of his body will be permanently damaged, and he will not be far away from death.

The highest temperature of human body detected in history is 46.5 degrees centigrade. In 1980, a man from Atlanta, USA, was sent to the hospital for detection due to heatstroke. After that, he was rescued for a month. Although rescued, but some places have caused irreparable permanent damage.

The limit of gravity

What is the maximum gravity that people can bear? In theory, the human skeleton can support 90 times the gravity, and if it exceeds 90 times the gravity, the human skeleton will be broken. But considering the human skeleton and body structure, it can bear about 31 times the gravity.

But these are all theoretical. Normal people can’t bear more than five times the gravity. When they are close to five times the gravity, they will begin to feel nausea and headache. If they exceed five times the gravity, they may lose consciousness. Even trained professionals can’t hold on for a long time.

The limit of not breathing

In 2016, a Mediterranean diving show was held in Barcelona, and a man named Alex broke the record with 24 minutes and 3 seconds. He can hold his breath for so long by compressing the air into his lungs.

Normally, people breathe 30000 times a day, about 500 ml of air each time, and 15000 l of air a day. Blue whale, the largest mammal on the earth, has to breathe a lot of air a day, so it can stay in the water for several hours without breathing

Women’s childbirth limit

Do you know how many children a woman can have? At present, the highest known record is 69, which was created by a Russian. It gave birth to a total of 69 children between 1725 and 1765, including 16 pairs of twins, 7 triplets and 4 quadruplets. This is a temporary shock!

The limit of life

There is a limit to the life span of a person, because the life span of a person is determined by the length of the telomere on the chromosome. That is to say, the life span has been fixed since we were born.

At present, the oldest person is French Jeanne kawenwen, who was born in 1875. She finally lived 122 years and 164 days.

Endurance limit

The above human limits are not outstanding on other creatures on the earth. The strongest human limit should be endurance. The average animal runs 15 minutes or so to reach its limit, while human beings have a record of running 24 hours. In Greece, there is a man named Yannis who runs 303 kilometers in 24 hours.

Why is endurance so good?

In fact, the main reason affecting endurance is the heat expelling system. All animals expel heat by breathing. They have no sweat glands, so the limit of their breathing speed determines the limit of their endurance. So this limit is what we ordinary people have the best chance to reach.

And our human perspiration system is very developed, completely unaffected by the respiratory rate, so endurance is better.

Moreover, some people think that good endurance is not the result of natural evolution, but is designed for people to work constantly.

This is the opposite of evolution. In principle, it should be the first human society, and then the people who can’t work long hours will be gradually eliminated, and the people who can work long hours will be left. But this is not the case, so human evolution is likely to be set in advance.

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