There are only four unknown creatures in China, each of which has witnesses, and one of them has been captured

“Send mayflies to heaven and earth, a drop in the sea.” The universe is so vast that many amazing things happen every day. Today Xiaobian wants to show you the strange monsters found only in our country.

1. Shennongjia Savage

Shennongjia, located in the west of Hubei Province, is an important habitat for wild animals in China. The climate here is mild and the plants grow luxuriantly. There are many endangered animals living here. Therefore, it is possible to say that there are savages in Shennongjia. The local villagers once killed a so-called “savage” and handed over the savage’s hand to the state, but scientists found that it was only the hand of a monkey. However, there are still many exploration enthusiasts here to look for savages, but only traces of activities that seem to be “savages” have been found. Many scientists believe that Shennongjia wild man does not exist, but so far there is no definite conclusion.

2. Himalayan snowman

The Himalayas have always been a sacred and mysterious place. Among them, the Himalayan snowman is the most desirable creature to understand, and the existence of this kind of creature may be great. British scientists have collected Snowman hair, DNA testing, it does not match the DNA of known organisms. It is said that the height of the Himalayan Snowman can reach three meters, and the body is covered with grayish yellow hair, which may be evolved from the offspring of polar bears. This mysterious creature also has a name called “night emperor”, which means it likes to move around rocks. Scientists have found a lot of evidence about the existence of snowman, such as huge skull, footprints, hair and so on. Maybe it won’t be long before we get a glimpse of the real snowman in the Himalayas

3. Tianchi monster in Changbai Mountain

This kind of monster has been recorded since the Qing Dynasty. In addition, nearly a thousand people have seen the Tianchi monster in Changbai Mountain, and a non-governmental organization has spontaneously come to explore the authenticity of this creature. The mystery of Tianchi monster in Changbai Mountain is no less than Bermuda Triangle. There is no exact description of the monster’s appearance. According to the eyewitness’s dictation, scientists restored the possible appearance of two kinds of monsters. One is like a dragon with a golden body; the other is like a huge buffalo with a mouth similar to a duck. But the condition of Tianchi is bad, and the fish in it is not enough for the survival of large creatures, so there are many doubts from the outside world. We all feel that

Does Tianchi monster exist?

4. Black Blue Tiger

According to records, the black blue tiger is covered with light black and slightly grayish blue fur. His records are also very early, and it was mentioned in the first Chinese Book Shuowen Jiezi. People always think that it is just a creature in legend, but some people have seen it with their own eyes, and there are black and blue tiger fur left behind. It is said that the black and blue tiger was captured in the 1960s, but we are not sure of its existence. Some scientists speculate that the black blue tiger is a variant of the white tiger. What about the facts? What do you think?

What mysterious creatures do you think really exist? If you have a chance, what kind of creature do you want to look for most? Welcome to comment on their own views.

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