There are “rulers” in every life period of the earth. Who are the rulers after dinosaurs?

Four billion years ago, the earth’s ecology gradually stabilized, when the early simple life began to be born in the ocean. And the core of life is evolution. After continuous evolution, these simple marine life have become more and more complex, and some of them have gone to the land, forming a rich and colorful terrestrial biosphere.

The whole life history of the earth has 4 billion years, and in such a long time, there are overlord level creatures in different periods, that is, the rulers at that time. In the Carboniferous period 300 million years ago, it was the tiny insects that dominated the earth. At that time, it was called the age of giant insects. Insects were extremely huge. An ordinary Dragonfly could be more than 2 meters long, and a centipede could be more than 3 meters long.

No one knows how many different hegemonic eras have appeared in the history of life on earth. Through constant archaeological discoveries by scientists, we know that in the history of life, the dinosaur that ruled the earth for the longest time should be 65 million years ago. Dinosaurs were born about 200 million years ago. After their birth, they developed rapidly and soon became the overlord of the earth.

According to a large number of dinosaur fossils found by scientists around the world, it can be seen that dinosaurs at that time were all over the world, with a number of at least tens of millions, and they were the real overlord of the earth. Dinosaurs are huge and have no natural enemies, and they have ruled the earth for 160 million years. What a long time.

But the age of dinosaurs, which was so powerful, disappeared 65 million years ago. Modern scientists believe that the cause of the extinction of dinosaurs may be an asteroid impact. About 65 million years ago, an asteroid more than 10 kilometers accidentally came to earth and then hit it. The powerful impact force triggered the global volcanic eruption, which led to dramatic changes in the earth’s ecology.

After the ecological upheaval, it brought the fifth mass extinction to the earth. Dinosaurs didn’t survive the mass extinction and finally disappeared in the long history. What we have left are only some dinosaur fossils. After the extinction of dinosaurs, it took about 60 million years for the earth to give birth to intelligent human beings.

Maybe many people think that the new overlord and new ruler after the extinction of dinosaurs are human beings. Is this really the case? Of course not. We need to know that there was a time gap of about 60 million years before the extinction of dinosaurs and the birth of human beings. Is there no other ruler in this period? It’s impossible to think about it, but it’s true. Through a large number of archaeological discoveries, scientists found that before the birth of human beings and after the extinction of dinosaurs, other rulers appeared at different times.

So who are the overlords and rulers after the extinction of dinosaurs? The time span of about 60 million years is also a very long time for a life cycle. In such a long time, it is normal for new overlord and new ruler to appear. In the first ten million years after the extinction of dinosaurs, the earth was dominated by large birds and terrestrial crocodiles.

What kind of creatures are most likely to survive an asteroid impact? Maybe many people will say that birds have wings and can fly in the sky. The huge shock wave produced by asteroid impact can threaten land and marine life, but for birds flying in the sky, the impact is very small.

So in the last ecological upheaval, birds are the most promising species to survive. After the ecological upheaval caused by the asteroid impact on the earth, dinosaurs were extinct, and 90% of the creatures on the land were extinct. However, birds flying in the sky have ushered in the spring, so after the extinction of dinosaurs, when the earth’s ecology is restored again, the first rule may be birds.

Of course, the ancient times were basically the age of giant creatures. Even the birds flying in the sky were Big Macs, which could not be compared with modern birds. At that time, the MOA, crocodile and dinosaur have some genetic relationship, which can be said to be the successors of dinosaurs. Famous birds include Aston bird, camphole bird and so on. They are very big. Modern ostrich may be the offspring of MOA.

In addition to these large birds, after the extinction of dinosaurs in South America, there was another giant animal, Titan python. The python is the largest snake ever found on earth, weighing more than 1 ton and reaching 14 meters in length. Its size is similar to the snake spirit we see in journey to the West.

Birds have dominated the earth for a short time, at most for tens of millions of years. Then birds left the field, and new dominant creatures appeared. They are the anster’s beasts on the Eurasian continent. This wolf like primitive animal weighs up to 2 tons, and is the largest land carnivorous mammal ever found on the earth. Among the herbivorous mammals, the giant rhinoceros, which once lived in northern China and Central Asia, is 5.28 meters high, 8.23 meters long and weighs up to 20 tons. It is also the largest herbivorous mammal ever on earth.

From 23 million years ago to 5 million years ago, clawed mammals began to develop in America, such as dog bear, barber saber toothed tiger and other carnivorous mammals. They all flourished for a while, but eventually disappeared on the earth due to changes in the environment. Finally, there is the appearance of human beings. Although human beings do not have a huge and strong body, we have intelligent brains. Relying on wisdom, human beings have gradually become the overlord of the earth, ruling until now.

Humans have ruled the earth for only a few million years, far less than dinosaurs. However, human beings have great potential. If there is no accident, then human beings may rule the earth forever. Even in the future, we will become the overlord of the galaxy and the universe. Of course, if we want to realize this dream, we need to develop science and technology rapidly. Only the power of science and technology can make human beings grow up step by step, and can we stick to the hegemony in the end.

In fact, the rule of human beings over the earth is not complete. In the life world of the earth, there are still many lives that can threaten the survival of human beings. For example, the viruses that we are most afraid of are “invisible” lives that we can’t see with our naked eyes.

Viruses and other microorganisms have the largest number on earth and pose the greatest threat to human beings. Once they are accidentally infected with some new viruses, they may endanger human life and even the whole human civilization. Only when science and technology become more powerful can we ignore the virus and even let the virus finally serve mankind.

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