There are seven levels of civilization in the universe. If human beings are less than one level, how powerful is the divine civilization?

How is the civilization of the universe divided? A total of 7 levels, human even did not reach a level!

When it comes to the universe, human beings have a strange feeling. The universe is boundless, vast and almost endless. For human beings, exploring the universe is a never-ending thing. In the past, science and technology were relatively backward, and human beings held a reverent attitude towards the universe. When human beings really have the opportunity to enter outer space, they will feel how vast the universe is and how small the earth is, even negligible.

There are too many stars in the universe that are heavier than the earth, which makes people feel deeply afraid. The earth is so small that it breeds countless lives. If it is accidentally hit by other stars one day, what strength does the earth have to contend with it? In order to find the secrets of the universe, the appearance of various telescopes and detectors has sent back a lot of useful data and information. It is difficult for human beings to hide their thirst for knowledge and curiosity about unknown things. How is the civilization of the universe divided? A total of 7 levels, human even did not reach a level!

Human cognition of the universe

Time is passing by. Since Einstein put forward the theory of relativity, human cognition of the universe has opened a new era. After a few decades, human beings got rid of the shackles of the earth, landed on the moon, and finally fulfilled their long cherished dream. When we really enter the moon, another question arises from our heart. Is human really so lonely in the universe? From the perspective of the universe, the answer is totally negative. There are tens of thousands of stars in the universe, and the possibility of intelligent life is very high. It is difficult to imagine that human beings are the only one.

In fact, the universe is dead and silent, without any sound. Even if human beings cry on the moon, they can’t get any response, which makes people lose their fighting spirit. Why hasn’t alien civilization appeared for a long time? It is possible that their civilization has been developing for a billion years or more. Human beings are like minions in front of them. Whether a civilization can be strong or not depends on two things, one is science and technology, and the other is energy. The more developed science and technology means more energy, because a lot of energy is consumed in the development of science and technology.

The civilization of the universe is divided into seven levels

In order to have a deeper understanding, some physicists have divided the civilization of the universe into seven levels, originally three levels, and then expanded to seven levels. The first level civilization is also the lowest level civilization. It can only use the energy of its own planet, such as solar energy, water energy and so on, and can also control everything on its own planet. Not surprisingly, human civilization has only reached level 0.7, not even the lowest level. If one day human beings can reach the highest level, they may be able to rule the universe, which can be called the existence of God in the universe.

It is not known which level those alien civilizations are in. To be sure, they are not weaker than human beings, and it is difficult for human beings to compete with them. Hawking warned human beings not to have a direct conflict with alien civilization. The consequences are terrible. There is still a long way to go for human beings in the future. Which level of the universe do you think human civilization can develop to? You can leave a message for interaction.

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