There are so many kinds of creatures on the earth, why don’t they spew fire? Maybe these three reasons!

There are so many kinds of creatures on the earth, why don’t they spew fire? Maybe these three reasons!

There are many kinds of animals and plants in nature. It is very difficult to explore them one by one. As we all know, the competition in nature is extremely cruel. It always follows the rule of survival of the fittest. Only the strong can stand at the top of the food chain, and the outcome of the weak is not ideal. Seeing thousands of creatures, many scientists have never given up the pace of exploration, and their evolutionary abilities are also different. Some of them fly in the sky, swim in the water, and run on the ground. They have their own characteristics in body shape and living habits. If they did not exist, they could not constitute such a perfect ecosystem.

In the process of research, some scientists found that although these creatures have different shapes and obvious characteristics, they have never evolved fire spewing creatures, which is thought by most people. In the long history, why is there no fire spewing creature? Sometimes when you watch science fiction movies, you will see a lot of science fiction virtual creatures, which can both fly and blow fire. Of course, this kind of special powerful function rarely exists in real life. It’s very simple to destroy a place. There are so many kinds of creatures on the earth, why don’t they spew fire? Maybe these three reasons!

Scientists analyzed this and summed up three reasons. First of all, the function of fire spray is not very useful to the nature, it is very weak, and its energy consumption is also extremely powerful. After the emergence of this ability, it will not play a great role in preying on prey. On the contrary, it will hinder the development and make the body unbearable. It is not as good as faster running speed and strong limbs.

Secondly, the torch has a high temperature. No matter animals, plants or human beings can bear such a temperature. The boiling point of water is 100 degrees centigrade. At such a high temperature, many creatures will be fatal. Moreover, the temperature of fire is higher. It is inevitable to ensure that the body will not be injured while spraying fire. In many cases, fire breathing organisms have not yet evolved. The last reason is that nature doesn’t allow it. For any living body, oxygen is so important that once you leave it, you can’t breathe.

Once the creatures with fire in their bodies are exposed to oxygen, the result will be very miserable. Therefore, the environment of the earth is extremely mild. If the creatures that can breathe fire evolve, it will destroy the harmony of nature. Although many creatures have ferocious habits and huge size, they still do not have this ability. It can be seen that the earth’s environment does not allow them. We should always follow the laws of nature and maintain the ecological balance.

Every living thing has its own value. We should hold a heart of awe towards any kind of animals and plants on the earth. Only by taking good care of them can we live in peace with human beings. Everyone has responsibilities and obligations. These three points are the main reasons. When and where should we respect nature and the earth? What do you think of it? You can leave a message for interaction.

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