There are spacecraft being discovered in the solar system. Why did NASA choose to hide it?

Since the exploration of the universe, human beings have been looking for the existence of aliens. Maybe many years have passed, or there are no aliens. Don’t aliens exist? Is man the only intelligent civilization in the universe? Of course, people don’t believe that if you think so, it’s actually the same as a frog at the bottom of a well. You can only see the bottom of the sky the size of a well cover, but you don’t know that the world outside the well is so vast.

Scientists have always believed in the existence of alien civilization. Although human beings have not found aliens and have no direct contact with them, they have found some relics of alien civilization, such as some buildings and some spaceships. In the solar system, sometimes there are some UFOs, which sometimes exceed people’s imagination and cognition.

On earth, the most advanced country in space exploration is the United States. Naturally, NASA has the deepest understanding of space exploration. Some UFOs in the solar system can’t escape NASA’s eyes. However, NASA chose to hide these things and didn’t disclose and explain the truth to the outside world. Why on earth?

The solar system is a huge star, and nuclear fusion reaction takes place all the time inside. The temperature of the sun is rising from outside to inside. It is impossible to get close to the sun with human science and technology. However, NASA has found huge UFOs more than once near the sun. Later, scientists said that they are actually giant alien spaceships. They are close to the sun and may be absorbing the sun It’s a lot of energy.

Spaceships are as big as the earth. Such a large spaceship is incredible for human beings. It can be seen that the scientific and technological strength of alien civilization far exceeds that of the earth. They can already use the energy of stars to develop, and we are still using coal, oil and other traditional energy.

In addition to the huge extraterrestrial spaceships found near the sun, an astronomer once found a UFO in the meteorite belt on the edge of the solar system. These UFOs obviously came from civilizations outside the solar system. In the solar system, there may be a lot of evidence left by alien civilization that we have not found, especially in the edge of the solar system. At present, human beings know very little about this area, and no one knows what will exist inside. Maybe the alien spacecraft will choose to hide themselves in this kind of meteorite belt in order not to be exposed.

Many people may ask, is the earth already exposed when the technology of alien civilization is so advanced that it can come to the solar system? This possibility is very great. The solar system is not big. Since alien civilization spaceships can come to the solar system, it is impossible that they can not see such an obvious target as the earth. Then why don’t aliens invade the earth? Or contact with humans?

Alien civilizations may have known the existence of human beings for a long time, and they may have been watching the development of the earth as a bystander all the time. For powerful alien civilizations, the earth is too weak, there are no useful resources for them, and they can’t see the earth at all. They may only be interested in the sun in the solar system.

Another possibility is that these alien civilizations coming to the solar system are peace loving and kind-hearted civilizations, and will not bully the lower civilizations for no reason. If so, then human beings are lucky. Hawking, a famous physicist, has warned many times that alien civilizations are not all kind-hearted, and malicious civilizations exist. Once human beings encounter malicious civilizations, the earth can survive If they can, they will face the fate of being invaded.

The reason why NASA doesn’t announce these discoveries in the solar system to the outside world may be that it doesn’t want to cause people’s panic and unnecessary disturbance. Maybe in the future, these alien civilizations coming to the solar system will take the initiative to contact human beings with good intentions. At that time, the existence of aliens will also be known to the world, which may also be a huge opportunity for human civilization. If not, it will be a great opportunity With the help of advanced civilization and the development of human beings themselves, it will take more than a thousand years to build a spaceship as big as the earth and to be able to carry out interstellar navigation. With the help of advanced civilization, the speed will be faster. With technology and human creativity, it may take a hundred years.

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