There are square clouds over the United States. Some people call them “stealth devices”. What’s the matter?

Will “stealth devices” appear in the United States? Square clouds appear in the sky, the real identity is controversial!

There are all kinds of strange things in the world. What we see is just the tip of the iceberg in the world. Often, some strange things happen. These events have exceeded our imagination and beyond our cognition. Therefore, these events have become alien in the eyes of most people. After being discovered, these strange phenomena spread from mouth to mouth, making people have a series of reverie. Recently, a very strange phenomenon was found in Florida, USA. People once suspected that this was an invisible device in the United States, or even a way of UFO monitoring us. What’s the matter?

UFO monitoring equipment?

In our cognition, the general clouds are irregular shapes. Under special circumstances, sometimes these clouds will change into different shapes and look very beautiful. But in Florida, the clouds show a square shape, which seems to be an unusual rule. Why does this phenomenon appear over the United States?

Some say it’s evidence of the existence of aliens. In fact, it’s an irregular shape. A square gap suddenly appeared in the middle of the cloud. After staying for a few minutes, the cloud disappeared. At that time, people on the beach noticed this phenomenon. They took pictures of it and shared it with their friends, sighing about this phenomenon in the sky.

UFO hunter’s view

After seeing the pictures, many people feel that this plot is very strange, just like the science fiction blockbuster, high-tech aircraft suddenly invisible in the clouds. Why did this happen? For UFO hunters, this is a new discovery. They feel that this is the biggest evidence of the arrival of alien civilization on earth, because with the support of high technology, they have the ability to integrate with the clouds and observe every move of human beings on earth in an invisible way.

Scott, the UFO hunter, also expressed his views on this incident on his blog. He felt that this cloud was not born in the sky like ordinary clouds, but came from the ocean. The square in the middle is the trace hidden by the UFO. It seems very obvious that they are trying to monitor the earth people by hiding in the clouds.

It is undeniable that there have been some abnormal phenomena on the earth, such as the UFO sightings in 2014 and the pursuit of American pilots. In April this year, they also admitted that they did. These aircraft obviously do not belong to human beings, which is beyond our control. The video began to spread in 2017, after more than three years They just admitted what happened in the video. You can imagine what’s hidden in it. The square cloud in Florida may be just a simple movement, which has nothing to do with the aircraft. What’s your opinion on this?

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