There are ten thousand year old sites in the depths of the sea. All kinds of signs show that human beings are not the only civilization

Although human science and technology are now very developed, there is still no reasonable explanation for some things on the earth. There is no doubt that more advanced instruments have been used to detect the deeper seabed. We found more things that could not be explained, and even everyone began to doubt Darwin’s theory of evolution? Let’s have a look.

Originally, after explorations, scientists found many traces of ancient buildings on the seabed, which made Darwin’s theory of evolution more and more difficult to establish. At first, in the 1960s, scientists found many other buildings on a sea surface in Japan. After research, these buildings are more than 10000 years old, and there are many traces of man-made buildings without natural formation.

Scientists have been investigating and found that the area of the building is very large, reaching 28000 square kilometers. Therefore, scientists believe that it is an ancient altar, and it takes a long time to build such a building in modern times, not to mention in the past when science and technology were underdeveloped. Therefore, scientists speculate that this civilization should be very prosperous.

For human beings, it is impossible to survive in the deep sea. First, people in the water can’t breathe. Second, there is too much pressure in the deep sea. Imagine that at a certain depth, a car can be easily crushed, let alone a person. So does that mean there is no life in the deep sea? The answer is: obviously not. Deep sea fish is one of them. The question is, are there creatures on the ocean floor similar to humans?

The light from the bottom of the sea, as well as the light from some unknown objects, makes scientists have a bold idea that this kind of alien civilization similar to “alien civilization” exists. They depend on their own specific environment to survive on the seabed. So how credible is this guess?

In a military exercise in 1963, the arrogant US Navy discovered an unknown “monster”, which is not a fish, not a beast, but a “ship”. Although ships are no stranger to us, with the current technology, the range of 280 kilometers per hour at 300 meters is still beyond the reach of human beings. Beyond that, the pyramids below the Bermuda Triangle are amazing and difficult to explain; underwater architecture in the Bahamas.

There are various indications that, to a large extent, scientists’ conjecture is most likely true. Many scientists believe that “undersea man” is also a branch of human beings, just prehistoric human beings. We have every reason to believe that all life originated in the ocean. There is no doubt that scientists are not only for this reason. Another view is that seafloor people are another type of human beings. Who is right and who is wrong depends on the continuous efforts of scientists.

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