There are three extraordinary things on earth, boiling rivers and blood red waterfalls!

There are three extraordinary things on earth, boiling rivers and blood red waterfalls!

There are so many mysterious events on the earth that they can hardly be counted. Before human beings entered the era of science and technology, things beyond human cognition were crowned with mystery. Since we entered the era of science and technology, we have learned to use science to solve the mysteries behind these mysteries. The reason why many mysteries have not been revealed is not that human science and technology are not good, but that many mysteries cannot be explained clearly by science, which has involved too much knowledge.

A person’s knowledge reserve is limited. Take ghosts as an example, it’s a strange phenomenon that ghosts hit and press walls. So far, there is not enough scientific basis to confirm the existence of ghosts. If human beings can solve these unsolved mysteries, there will be great progress in the field of science. Then what are the mysteries on earth? There are three extraordinary things on earth, boiling rivers and blood red waterfalls!

Three mysteries on earth

When it comes to waterfalls, the first word we think of is spectacular. A normal waterfall doesn’t make people feel scared, but there is a kind of waterfall in the world that turns bloody red, which makes people feel frightened. What’s the situation? In 1911, an expedition noticed the blood waterfall shaking the world. From a distance, it was more like an invisible wound buried under the ground, bleeding continuously. Because this scene is so strange, people began to look for the reasons behind it. After a hundred years, they found out that it was the iron in the water that caused this blood red phenomenon.

Secondly, scientists once discovered a well that can petrify objects. Most of the fresh water we drink in our life comes from groundwater. A small well is always related to the survival and development of human beings. It can be used not only as drinking water, but also for crop irrigation. Well is a very important material. The ancients used to drill wells to extract groundwater. How many wells are there in the world? It’s impossible to calculate. In England, there is a magic well somewhere. After any object touches it, it will turn into stone in a short time. Many villagers firmly believe that this well is cursed by the devil. Putting all kinds of daily necessities next to the well will soon petrify, causing many people to be very afraid of it.

Finally, the boiling river. In our eyes, the temperature of the river is very low and it feels chilly. This is what a normal River should look like. But scientists have found a boiling river. Why does it boil? When the water reaches the boiling point, it will boil. There is no living thing near the river. Once a small animal comes near it, it will burn to death instantly. Due to the extremely high water temperature, the air is filled with fog, just like a fairyland, and the satellite can not detect the reason for its boiling.

These three kinds of mysterious things perplex scientists all the year round, refresh the past cognition of human beings, and let us feel the magic of nature again. In fact, these are the miraculous scenes left by nature and the gifts given by nature. Everyone should cherish and cherish everything around him. Don’t regret until you lose them. What do you think of these three mysterious things? You can leave a message for interaction.

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