There are three scientific mysteries that are difficult for human beings to solve, each of which leaves scientists at a loss

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It has been hundreds of years since mankind entered the era of science and technology. In the last century, mankind ushered in a period of rapid development of science and technology. Many great scientific theories were put forward in the last century. In the 21st century, although there is no progress in human basic theory, science and technology has made a great leap forward.

The reason for this is that we have made a great leap in our cognition of various basic theories put forward by the great scientists in the last century, thus applying the basic theories to practice and developing a lot of applied technologies. In the last century, great scientists put forward various basic theories, and in the 21st century, we enjoy the great benefits brought by these basic theories.

Although the scientific theory of human has been greatly improved, we should understand that human civilization is still in a low level of civilization in the universe. According to the classification standard of cosmic civilization proposed by scientists, human beings can only be regarded as 0.7 level civilization at most, not even the lowest level civilization.

So, a lot of science is still unknown to us, and it is difficult for scientists to decipher them. Among them, there are three scientific mysteries that are difficult for human beings to solve, each of which makes scientists feel helpless.

1、 The mystery of the origin of the universe

How did our universe come about? You know, when we walk out of the earth and see the vastness, we can’t marvel at the magic of the universe. While lamenting the mystery of the universe, we are also thinking: How did the universe come from? Through a large number of observations and studies, scientists put forward the big bang theory of the universe. They believe that our universe originated from a singularity big bang 13.8 billion years ago.

Although the big bang theory has become the mainstream view of the origin of the universe, there are still many mysteries that are difficult to explain. According to the big bang theory, the universe was initially just a space-time singularity with infinite density and extremely high temperature. After the explosion of this space-time singularity, it expanded at a speed unimaginable by human beings, and finally evolved into the brilliant universe we see at present.

The origin of the universe has been explained, but a new problem has emerged, that is, how does the singularity of extreme density and temperature come from? Is it something out of nothing? Obviously, from a scientific point of view, it is impossible to make such a thing out of nothing. Since the universe originated from the singularity of time and space, this mysterious singularity must have its origin. How did it come about?

In this regard, some scientists have put forward a conjecture that there is a cycle in the universe. When the last universe came to an end, it collapsed again into an energy mass with extreme density and temperature. This energy mass is a singularity. When the energy is compressed to the extreme, an explosion occurs, and a new universe is born.

If this conjecture is correct, is the universe in an infinite cycle of expansion, collapse, expansion and collapse? It is estimated that this result is hard for many people to accept. As for the origin of the singularity, some people have put forward a bolder conjecture, that is, the mystery from outside the universe.

I believe my friends have heard of the multi cosmology theory, which is a conjecture put forward by scientists. This conjecture holds that there is a vaster universe beyond the universe. There are countless parallel universes, and our universe is just one of them. It is possible that there are many such space-time singularities in this universe, they will explode under certain circumstances, and then a new universe will be born.

2、 Weird quantum mechanics

After entering the era of science and technology, in addition to a new understanding of the macro world, we also have a preliminary understanding of the micro world behind the macro. The science of exploring the micro world is called quantum mechanics. In many people’s view, macro matter is composed of micro particles, and they are closely linked, so the scientific laws of the macro world should also apply to quantum mechanics.

However, in a large number of research and exploration, scientists have found that in quantum mechanics, quantum probability and randomness are the mainstream. This randomness makes scientists feel speechless. If things are random, it is difficult for the laws of people in the macro world to adapt to quantum mechanics.

And in the quantum world, you will find even more strange and magical phenomena. For example, quantum entanglement tells us that one of the two particles in a system changes, and the other changes synchronously. And this kind of synchronization will not be delayed because of the distance and distance, even if they are in two different galaxies, they can also achieve instant synchronization.

Quantum entanglement is not a strange phenomenon for us. For example, the state of photons in the gap of atoms in the form of waves is different before and after human observation. When someone observes, photons will pass through a gap again in the form of particles, and instantly lose the characteristics of waves. When no one observes, photons take on the shape of waves and particles, which puzzles scientists.

In quantum mechanics, what makes scientists feel most strange is the quantum superposition state, that is, the opposite things that can not exist at the same time in the macro world, but can exist at the same time in the quantum world. According to the normal logic of human beings, there are sequence and causality in everything. For example, when we are hungry, we will find food. When a person is alive, the state of death will not appear. When we stand on the left, you can’t stand on the right.

This kind of sequence and causality in the macro world is a very normal scientific theory. But in the quantum world, there is no so-called smooth, there is no causal relationship. There can be results before causes, or causes and effects exist at the same time. For example, the state of life and death can exist at the same time in the quantum world. Does this result make us feel very strange? That’s what attracts scientists to quantum mechanics.

3、 What is consciousness?

Man has become the master of the earth by wisdom, so what is the core of human wisdom? Are they the visible components of the brain? In the past, we thought so, but with the continuous progress of human science and technology, scientists discovered the existence of consciousness, and then realized that the reason why human beings call it intelligent life is mainly because we have a mysterious consciousness.

Consciousness is something that can’t be seen or touched. It’s just like dark matter. We can recognize it through some phenomena. But I can’t really figure out what they are? Some scientists have linked the human consciousness with the soul of the ancient legend, and believe that the two should be the same thing.

There are many legends about soul in the human world. If consciousness is soul, will these legends about soul be true? Although scientists are eager to know the answer, but for this kind of invisible things, we can only do nothing at present, unable to understand the nature of consciousness through experiments.

Each of the above three scientific mysteries that scientists feel helpless is very important to human beings. It can be said that as long as we crack one, human civilization will achieve a qualitative leap. When all three are completely cracked, maybe human will become the advanced civilization of the universe. This shows how difficult it is to solve these three mysteries. If we really want to solve them, we can only develop science and technology rapidly and keep working hard. We believe that one day, we will uncover their mystery.

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