There are three strange places on earth, each of which makes people feel incredible

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The earth is a beautiful planet of life and the home where human beings have lived for millions of years. The earth can become a life planet precisely because it has a very beautiful and perfect ecosystem, which constructs the earth’s ecosystem and provides a good hotbed for the birth of life.

The earth’s ecosystem is a very complex and mysterious thing, so far we can’t really solve the mystery of this ecosystem. Under the effect of this ecosystem, there are many magical and strange places on the earth, each of which makes people feel incredible. Even some people who study and explore alien civilization think that these strange and mysterious places may follow other places Star civilization is related to how they formed. Through exploration and research, some scientists have already got the answer, while others have not. Today, Xiaobian will introduce three strange places to our friends. After watching them, you may feel magical and scared.

1、 The magic dancing forest is a common and important ecological component on the earth. It is the existence of a large number of forests that can provide continuous oxygen to the atmosphere, prevent wind and sand, and purify the air.

In our cognition, the trees in the forest are tall and straight. Even if some trees grow to a certain height, they will bend for a lifetime, but most of the positions from the root to the top are straight and will not bend. If someone tells you that there are trees in the world that can bend from the roots, you probably won’t believe it.

However, nature is a place that constantly creates miracles. In the Baltic Sea of Russia, a sandbank called kurs Sha Tsui grows a group of magical trees, which people call “dancing forest”. The trees here are all upside down, which makes people feel very tired after dancing.

These trees begin to bend from the roots, and some even bend into a circle. These dancing woods are a magical landscape and become a very famous local tourist destination. Every year, many people from all over the world come to this magical forest to enjoy the bending trees.

One may ask: How did such a strange curved tree come into being? In fact, scientists have not yet found a definite answer to this question. There is also a beautiful legend about dancing forest. It is said that one day, when the Duke went hunting in the forest, he heard a girl playing a beautiful piano. The sound of the piano attracted the Duke who was hunting here. The Duke was infatuated with the beauty of the girl and courted her. But the girl told the Duke that she would only marry a Christian. The duke said that if he was asked to convert to Christianity, unless the girl could prove that the strength of Christ was stronger than the strong tree pole of the forest.

The girl picked up the piano again. When the piano sounded again, all the trees were silent. As soon as the sky lightened, the trees began to dance. As soon as the piano stopped, the dance stopped and the trees returned to normal. The Duke returned to Christianity and married a beautiful girl. Hundreds of years later, the small fishing village was inundated by sand dunes overnight, and nearly a thousand villagers were buried. Not long after, the trees growing on the land became dancing shapes.

Of course, legend is only a legend after all. The reason why the trees in the dancing forest grow like this is a unique natural phenomenon. Its formation may be related to the ecosystem around the land, magnetic field or other factors. To solve this mystery, scientists may need more exploration and research. Perhaps the real secret lies under these forests.

2、 Norway is a small town without people. Norway is a country close to the Arctic circle. Every year, many tourists from all over the world come to visit Norway. Some people may say, what are the unique scenery here in Norway? If you just enjoy the beautiful natural scenery, many people will not choose to come to Norway. After all, it is close to the Arctic and the climate is cold.

However, many people come to Norway to visit every year. The reason is that they can enjoy the aurora in Norway. I believe many people know that Aurora is a colorful plasma phenomenon. Its occurrence is due to the flow of charged particles (solar wind) from the sun into the earth’s magnetic field, and the brilliant and beautiful light appears at night in the high altitude near the earth’s north and south poles. It is called aurora australis in the South Pole and aurora borealis in the North Pole.

Aurora is a very beautiful natural phenomenon, if it is in space, you can often see this beautiful Aurora scene. However, on the earth, Norway is the only country with comfortable living environment and beautiful Aurora, so Norway has become a very famous tourist destination.

There are many small towns in Norway where tourists can often enjoy the aurora. One of them is an unknown town, which is a great place to enjoy the aurora. Here, you can not only see the beautiful and dazzling aurora, but also see a more dazzling “beating light”. What’s more interesting is that around the area where the “beating light” appears, there will be unique wheat circles.

What is the relationship between these “beating lights” and the strange circles around them? At present, scientists have no answer, but it is certain that they have nothing to do with the so-called extraterrestrial life, more likely it is a strange natural phenomenon.

3、 Devil falls, a waterfall in Minnesota, USA, is very strange. The water flow from the top to the bottom is divided into two parts. One part flows to the bottom of the mountain in the normal direction and flows into the river, while the other part flows into a cave with the mouth facing up when it reaches half of the mountain.

If the water just flows into the cave and then flows from other places, it’s no wonder, but the cave on the hillside of the waterfall is a bottomless cave, and the inflow water never appears again. Scientists have done a lot of experiments to study this bottomless cave. They poured the dye into the waterfall.

If this cave is connected to a certain place on the surface, the dye will appear. Scientists have explored many bottomless caves with this method. Basically, there will be dye found in other places, which indicates that the cave is connected to a certain place on the surface. However, the dye poured into the waterfall never appeared again. It is very likely that the cave led to the bottom of the earth. As for where it led to, it is still a mystery.

Are the above three strange places of the earth an eye opener for friends? In fact, these strange scenes are the result of the action of nature, and there is no trace of alien life that people suspect. It’s just because human science and technology are not developed enough, so our understanding of nature is not very deep, so it’s difficult to explain some strange natural phenomena. I believe that with the progress of science and technology, those mysterious phenomena on the earth can be solved one by one. We are looking forward to this day.

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