There are three strange theories in the scientific community that have been proved, but they are hard for people to accept. Why?

Millions of years ago, mankind was born. Tens of thousands of years ago, human civilization was born. Hundreds of years ago, after continuous efforts and development, human civilization finally entered the road of scientific and technological development. And the arrival of the era of science and technology, also let the human civilization to achieve a qualitative leap, let us finally usher in the era of rapid development, let the human civilization become the present science and technology civilization.

With the development of science and technology in just a few hundred years, the achievements of mankind have surpassed those of the past ten thousand years of civilization. Why can human science and technology develop so fast? One of the important reasons is that it is inseparable from the advanced scientific theories of some great scientists. We all know that the rapid development of science and technology requires the efforts and efforts of scientists.

But if scientists only study the existing scientific theories step by step, which can be understood and accepted, then human civilization will not have the brilliant achievements now. Only when scientists continue to put forward some scientific theories beyond cognition and some scientific conjectures about the sky, can we make continuous efforts to verify these conjectures and realize the rapid leap of science and technology.

This may be the greatness of human civilization, scientific exploration and research need to dare to think, dare to guess, if dare not dare to guess, dare not Tianma starry sky to ask questions, then the speed of human science and technology development will be very slow. We can’t realize the dream of flying in a short hundred years or so, go out of the earth and start to explore the universe.

In the process of the development of human science, scientists have put forward many bold scientific conjectures, many of which have been confirmed. For example, black hole, gravitational wave, space distortion and so on, most of these proven scientific theories can be accepted by people, but there are three strange scientific theories, although they have been proved, but they are difficult to accept. Why?

The first scientific theory that is hard for people to accept is the mysterious superposition state. I believe many friends know that quantum mechanics is the greatest scientific exploration and research direction of mankind in the 21st century. We all know that the world is divided into macro and micro. Everything we can see and observe directly is macro, but behind these macro things are micro worlds.

The essence of macro things often needs to go to the micro world to find the answer. Some things that are difficult to explain in the macro world can be seen very clearly in the micro world and can be easily cracked. For example, with the rise and fall of temperature, it is difficult for us to understand the essence of change in the macro world. However, when we go into the micro world, we see the thermal motion of molecules. At this time, we understand that the essence of temperature change is the thermal motion of molecules.

Quantum mechanics is a great science and an important research direction for human beings in the future. Only when we enter the world of quantum mechanics can we have a more detailed understanding of the world. When scientists discovered the world of quantum mechanics, they tried to apply various scientific theories of the macro world to quantum mechanics, but the final result surprised us. It turned out that many things in the micro world exceeded our cognition and completely overturned the macro physical theory.

One of them is the mysterious superposition state. Superposition state, or superposition state, refers to the state obtained by the normalized linear combination of several quantum states of a quantum system. A simple understanding is that two events that could not exist together in the macro world, such as life and death, may exist at the same time in the quantum world.

I believe many friends know that in the macro world, many things can only present one kind of formation at the same time, such as life and death. When we are still alive, the state of death can not appear. Another example is left and right. When we stand on the left, it is impossible to stand on the right at the same time. This situation in the macro world is very consistent with scientific theory and is a correct scientific view.

However, when we go into quantum mechanics, we see the incredible superposition state. Two things in different states can exist at the same time, for example, life and death can exist at the same time. This scientific theory has been confirmed by scientists, but it is hard for people to accept. The existence of superposition state also makes many people think of parallel world, parallel universe.

The so-called parallel world means that our world is composed of countless similar worlds. Each world is a parallel world, and there is one you in different parallel worlds, but the destiny will be different. In this parallel world, you may just be an ordinary office worker, but in another parallel world, you may be a rich second generation, driving luxury cars, carrying beautiful women, living a fairy like life. Can you accept such a difference?

The second theory that people find hard to accept is the tunneling effect. This theory is also a magic phenomenon in quantum mechanics confirmed by Hakkas. I believe many friends expect to have a magic ability to pass through walls. Xiaobian remembers that a science fiction film describes such a magic super ability.

Of course, we all know that things like crossing the wall are just a fantasy, which can’t happen in reality. So, a lot of people think that the probability that humans can cross the wall is zero, which is something that will never happen. Is that really the case? If we go into the micro world, into the field of quantum mechanics, you may not think so.

There is a tunneling effect in quantum mechanics, which is actually a kind of ability of particles to penetrate the wall. Through a large number of experiments, scientists have confirmed that particles can pass through the wall, and macro things are also composed of basic particles. For example, from the micro point of view, people are also composed of a large number of micro particles. Since particles can pass through the wall, the human body naturally has a certain probability to pass through the wall.

Seeing this, many small partners may be excited again. Since it is proved that the probability of human body passing through the wall is not zero, I will try to succeed. If you do, it may never come true. Why? The reason is that the probability of human body passing through the wall is too low to be ignored.

Although this is a non-zero probability event, if you want to realize it, you may have to wait for hundreds of millions of times to destroy it. Of course, we should not be discouraged, even if we know that the probability of human body passing through the wall is not zero, then with the continuous progress of human science and technology, the understanding of quantum mechanics is constantly improving. In the future, we may be able to develop a special kind of equipment, so that we can easily pass through the wall like particles.

The third theory that is hard for people to accept is the limit theory of light speed. I believe many friends know Einstein’s theory of relativity. According to the theory of relativity, the limit speed of an object is the speed of light. This is because with the constant increase of the speed of an object, the energy required is also increasing. When a mass object approaches the speed of light infinitely, the energy required is also infinite.

Even a photon with basically zero mass travels only at the speed of light. Is the theory of light speed limit correct? Scientists through a lot of experiments, such as building a more powerful particle accelerator, by accelerating the electron, the final speed can only be increased to 99.99999%, no matter how hard, it can not reach the speed of light.

These experimental data tell us that the theory of light speed limit is correct. When this result comes out, many people can’t accept it. If the speed of an object is limited to the speed of light, then human beings will never be able to get out of the galaxy and explore the whole universe. Is there any significance in human’s scientific and technological efforts?

Indeed, if the speed of an object is limited to the speed of light, there is really nothing we can do in the face of the vast universe. We can only observe distant stars through astronomical telescopes forever, and we have to face the fact that the universe is expanding rapidly. As time goes on, galaxies will be far away quickly, and we will be able to observe fewer and fewer galaxies, and finally nothing will be seen. The earth is completely a lonely being.

Seeing this, many people may feel hopeless. Is the speed of light really unable to break through? When relativity closes down the speed of light, it also opens another window for us, which is the theory of space-time distortion. Relativity tells us that space-time can be distorted, and the speed of light can only be limited to a stable space-time. If space-time is seriously distorted, then the speed of light limitation will be broken. At that time, we can surpass the speed of light and explore more distant stars.

Guys, what do you think of the above three scientific theories? Welcome to leave a message below to discuss and express your opinions.

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