There are three theories in the scientific community that make people afraid, and each one can arouse people’s deep thinking

Science is a great science. People in ancient times did not have the concept of science. They could only obey nature in all their actions and thought that everything happened was fate. However, with the continuous progress of human civilization, especially the emergence of science, people realize that the nature of everything is inseparable from the scope of science. As long as we master science, we can master nature, so that nature can serve us, rather than we obey nature.

The time when human beings really began scientific exploration should be the emergence of steam engine 300 years ago. At that time, human beings formally entered the road of scientific development, began to look at everything around them with a scientific eye, and began to explain everything with science, so as to realize the leap forward development of human civilization.

Now more than 300 years have passed, the scientific system of human beings is becoming more and more perfect, and science and technology are becoming more and more powerful. We have also found scientific explanations for the nature of many things. The development and application of science and technology is inseparable from the emergence of the original scientific theory. Only when scientists first put forward bold scientific theory, will there be continuous research and exploration. Finally, scientific theory will become a practical application and promote human progress.

Since the birth of modern science and technology, it has always maintained the accelerating development trend of rapid change and rapid progress. It has overcome many problems that people did not even dare to think about. In particular, the scientific development in the past century is so fast that people feel incredible. Maybe many young people do not feel how amazing progress has been made, but if you ask a centenarian about the progress in the past century From a scientific point of view, he will tell you that it is a miracle, an unimaginable speed.

One of the core reasons why human science and technology has been developing so fast in the past century is the emergence of many amazing scientific theories. Some of these scientific theories have become reality and applied to human civilization, while some are still in the process of research and exploration. There are three scientific theories that make people afraid, and each one can arouse people’s deep thinking.

1、 The theory of constant speed of light, I believe many people know the truth that speed is king. The reason why human beings can have a comprehensive understanding of the earth is that after entering the era of science and technology, with very fast means of transportation and the advantage of speed, we can quickly travel to every corner of the earth. Even faster, we have walked out of the earth, and we have really seen the vastness of the universe and the true face of the earth.

If we don’t have the advantage of speed, we can’t have a lot of knowledge of the earth, and we can’t go out of the earth and see what the real earth looks like. In the past people’s cognition, speed seems to have no upper limit, it can be infinitely improved. However, the appearance of Einstein’s theory of relativity limited the speed to a limit value, which is the speed of light.

According to Einstein’s theory of relativism, any object with mass can only infinitely approach the speed of light, but cannot exceed it. Scientists once tried to achieve a breakthrough in the speed of light through particle accelerators. However powerful the accelerators are, the speed of particles can only reach 99.9999% of the speed of light, and can only increase by countless 9, but it can reach 100% of the speed of light, let alone break through the speed of light.

So in a sense, the theory of constant speed of light is correct, at least under the current scientific system of human beings, it is the truth. But the result is frightening. Why? We need to know that the universe is vast and vast. No one knows how far the universe has expanded. The observable cosmic range of human beings has reached 93 billion light-years, and this range may be just the tip of the iceberg of the universe, just the tip of the dust of the whole universe.

If the speed of the spaceship can not exceed the speed of light, and the rapid expansion of the universe, the galaxies will be farther and farther away from us in the future. The starlight we can see now may disappear in the future, and the visible range will be dark. What a terrible thing it is. If only the galaxy is far away from us, we can’t see it and it doesn’t matter. What’s more terrible is that human beings may not be able to continue.

As we all know, human survival and development cannot do without resources. The earth’s resources are very limited. Once the earth’s resources are gone, what should we do if we want to survive and develop? We can only exploit resources in space. Although the resources of the whole universe are unlimited, the resources of the solar system are limited. What if we exploit all the resources of the solar system?

If we want to survive and continue, we can only exploit resources outside the solar system, but the speed is limited to the speed of light, which can not be broken. The galaxies around the solar system are far away from our galaxies. At that time, without the support of resources, human civilization may end and completely disappear in the universe.

2、 Fermi paradox, which may be heard by many people, is a scientific paradox about flying saucers, aliens and Star Trek. It expounds the contradiction between overestimation of the existence of extraterrestrial civilization and lack of relevant evidence. One day in 1951, when Fermi, the Nobel Prize winner and physicist, was discussing the problems of UFOs and aliens, he suddenly said, “where are they?” This question leads to a scientific topic, which is called “Fermi paradox”.

The implication of “Fermi paradox” is that theoretically speaking, human beings can fly to various planets in the galaxy in a million years, so as long as aliens evolved one million years earlier than human beings, they should come to earth now. In other words, the “Fermi paradox” shows such a paradox: A. aliens exist – scientific reasoning can prove that aliens evolved much earlier than humans, and should have come to earth and existed somewhere. B. Aliens don’t exist – so far, we haven’t found any clues about their existence.

So does alien civilization exist or not? More and more scientists believe that alien civilization exists. If alien civilization exists, their strength may far exceed that of the earth. Once alien civilization is not friendly to human beings, human beings may face great risks and disasters in the future.

Hawking always opposed that human beings should take the initiative to contact alien civilization. The reason is that in Hawking’s view, alien civilization is not virgin Mary, and any intelligent civilization can not be extremely simple, because too simple intelligent life is unlikely to become a powerful universal civilization.

There are good and evil in alien civilizations. Even within a civilization, the attitude towards human beings may be different. Some are friendly to human beings, while others may be malicious. In front of the powerful alien civilization, the weak human civilization is just like the Tang Monk’s flesh risking interests, and they all want to eat a piece. Therefore, human beings should keep a high vigilance against alien civilizations and try to avoid contact with them before they are really strong.

Of course, with human science and technology, it is unlikely to take the initiative to discover alien civilization for a long time in the future. We have not been able to go out of the solar system to explore other galaxies, and the probability of taking the initiative to explore and discover alien civilization is very small. We are worried about being discovered by alien civilization and sending spaceships to earth. Although many people are looking forward to a new spaceship coming to earth, maybe more people feel fear and fear rather than surprise.

3、 Parallel cosmology, quantum mechanics is the theory of describing micro matter, which is regarded as the two basic pillars of modern physics together with relativity. Many physics theories and sciences such as atomic physics, solid state physics, nuclear physics, particle physics and other related sciences are based on quantum mechanics.

And there are many scientific theories under quantum mechanics, such as the famous Sanga state, which is a confirmed scientific theory and beyond people’s cognition. Sanga state only exists in the micro world, but has not been found in the macro world. In addition to the Sanga state, there is another theory in quantum mechanics that is beyond people’s cognition and scares people, that is parallel cosmology.

In the 1940s and 1950s, when scientists explored and observed quantum, they found that quantum has different states at different times, and all matter is composed of quantum, that is to say, maybe the universe is not the only existence, and there may be multiple parallel universes.

The parallel universe simply tells us that in the vast universe, there are countless similar parallel earths. In each parallel space, there is a similar human civilization, among which there is also a you. However, the fate of the characters may be completely different. In this universe, you are a poor loser who gets up early and comes back late every year and is busy for life.

In another parallel world, you are a super rich second generation. You have money that you can’t afford to spend. You live in a luxury house and drive a luxury car. The beauties around you change one after another and live a paradise like life. If you see another parallel space-time you in reality, what kind of idea will you have? It is estimated that a lot of people will have a serious psychological imbalance. Why is it that the other me is so happy and I am so miserable?

Therefore, the parallel cosmology makes many people feel afraid and confused, resulting in a lot of psychological problems. Of course, at present, the parallel cosmology is only established on the mathematical model. In reality, scientists have not found any evidence for its existence. For many people, the parallel universe is a very contradictory psychological, hope it exists also do not want it to exist.

Guys, what do you think of the above three scientific theories? Welcome to leave a message below to discuss and express your opinions.

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