There are three unidentified light spots over the moon, but also left a shadow. Did aliens go to the moon?

With the improvement of science and technology, we have a more clear yearning for aliens. More and more people think that they are real. Maybe they are watching every move of human beings in a corner. In recent years, UFO sightings emerge in endlessly. UFOs have appeared in the sky of many countries, and most of them are actually made by human beings Man machine may explain the illusion formed by some weather phenomena, but do you know that UFOs once appeared over the moon.

What did the astronauts see?

Scientists believe that if aliens really exist, we should capture them in the universe. Spaceship is the best tool for them to roam in every corner of the universe. Their spaceship has advanced power technology and can go anywhere they want. Therefore, as long as we pay attention to the changes in the universe, we can capture them. When astronauts worked on the international space station, they also saw many UFOs. In the Apollo manned program of the United States, the United States launched six probes that year, and 12 astronauts successfully entered the moon. As for these astronauts, they recalled that there were many luminous unidentified objects on the moon.

The light spot over the moon

Some time ago, when an astronomer was photographing the moon, he saw an unexpected scene. At that time, three fast-moving light spots appeared on the surface of the moon. This phenomenon attracted his attention, so he quickly released this video to the Internet, causing a lot of hot discussion among netizens. These three light spots appear above the moon. According to the proportion, the volume of these three light spots should be very huge. After zooming in this video, we can clearly see the craters on the surface of the moon. These three unidentified objects are also very obvious, and even leave shadows on the moon. Some people think that these three light spots are actually aliens living on the moon, which are just the spaceships they fly.

Does lunar man really exist?

In fact, there has always been a legend on the moon. It is said that the United States once brought back the three eyed Lunan on the moon. At that time, the Lunan was dying. According to people familiar with the matter, the body of the three eyed Lunan was in the secret base in Area 51. Of course, these are all speculations. At present, there is no substantial evidence to prove the existence of the three eyed lunar man.

Some people think that these three moving light spots are just rocks on the surface of the moon. They don’t hover on the moon. It’s just the angle that causes this illusion. There are no aliens on the moon, let alone spaceships.

It was not until China’s chang’e-4 landed on the moon and took photos of the back of the moon that we really saw the original appearance of the moon. There are many rumors that there is an alien base on the back of the moon, where aliens live. But now we know that the moon is just an ordinary planet, even if there is life: it can not survive in such a bad environment Live.

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