There are three unsolved mysteries in the solar system. Scientists speculate that interstellar war may have broken out

In the middle of last century, with the help of human science and technology, we finally realized our dream of flying to the sky, walked out of the earth and began to explore the universe. After going out of the earth, the first thing we see is the solar system where the earth is located. Before human beings became an interstellar civilization, the areas we could explore were limited to the solar system.

At the beginning, scientists did not find anything special about the solar system. The whole solar system was in a very stable and harmonious situation, and everything seemed so natural. However, with the continuous progress of human science and technology, the continuous improvement of detection technology, the understanding of the solar system is also increasing. At this time, scientists have finally discovered three unusual aspects of the solar system, which are the three unsolved mysteries of the solar system.

The first mystery is the mysterious asteroid belt. As we all know, in addition to the eight planets in the solar system, there are so many asteroids that we can’t estimate. These asteroids are mainly concentrated in two places, one is the asteroid belt between Jupiter and Mars, the other is the Kuiper belt around the whole solar system at the edge of the solar system.

There is nothing special about the Kuiper belt. It is most likely that in the early days of the solar system, the solar wind blew some matter from the inner galaxy to the edge of the solar system, and then slowly evolved into the present Kuiper belt. It is a normal cosmic phenomenon that there may be similar dense regions around the edge of every stellar system to protect the galaxy.

Although the formation of the Kuiper belt is a normal cosmic phenomenon and it is normal that there are a large number of asteroids there, the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter is very abnormal. As we all know, the solar system was a nebula before it was born. Later, an object was first born in the center of the nebula. This object continuously condensed the surrounding matter through its own gravity. When the mass reached a certain level, it finally ignited the internal nuclear fusion and evolved into a star, which is now the sun.

After the birth of the sun, the remaining corners of the edge through condensation continue to form today’s eight planets. Through scientists’ theory of planet formation and computer simulation experiments, we know that Mars and Jupiter belong to inner galaxies under normal conditions, and there are unlikely to be a large number of asteroids at this location. The reason is very simple. The formation of planets in the early solar system required a lot of dust and material.

The matter and dust of the inner galaxy are basically divided up by the planets. The planets rely on the gravity brought by their own mass to absorb the dust matter near them and constantly strengthen themselves. Therefore, if there were a large number of celestial debris between Mars and Jupiter, they would have been divided up by Mars and Jupiter for a long time. How could there be such a huge asteroid belt? This is a very abnormal thing.

Therefore, scientists speculate that the existence of a planet between Mars and Jupiter is normal, rather than a huge asteroid belt. However, there are no planets here now. On the contrary, it is a very large asteroid belt. The reason for this may be that a long time ago, an unknown powerful force smashed the planet and formed the present asteroid belt.

So what is this unknown force? Is it a normal celestial collision or some other mysterious force? In fact, there may have been a planet between Mars and Jupiter, which is also recorded in some earth myths and legends. For example, in Sumerian mythology, there was a planet named Tiamat running between Mars and Jupiter, but later due to the appearance of Nibiru, this planet collided, making Tiamat broken, and part of its debris was captured by the earth’s gravity The formation of the moon, another part of the debris in the original orbit continue to run, forming the asteroid belt, Sumerian people call it “cast bracelet.”.

Moreover, in recent years, scientists have speculated about the origin of the moon, that is, a Mars sized planet hit the earth, and debris from the impact formed the moon. And such an event happened in the early stage of the formation of the earth. If this guess is correct, where is the planet that hit the earth? It’s not likely to be any of the eight planets now, and the most likely one is the one between Jupiter and Mars.

It is possible that in the early stage of the earth’s formation, after a planet hit the earth laterally, it moved between Mars and Jupiter and stabilized. Later, somehow, the planet smashed, forming a huge asteroid belt.

The second mystery: the origin of the moon, the moon is the earth’s satellite, it has an extraordinary position in the hearts of mankind. The moon is the first planet explored by human beings after they came out of the earth, and scientists have been exploring the moon for nearly half a century. Through these explorations, scientists have discovered the unusual features of the moon.

The biggest mystery that the moon brings to scientists is that its mass and volume are too large for the earth. It’s so big that we feel incredible. According to the normal ratio of planet to satellite, it should be about 1000:1, but the ratio of earth to moon is 49:1. There is almost no such ratio of parent star to satellite in the universe. The earth and moon are the first, which makes scientists very puzzled.

With the mass and volume of the moon, it is too difficult for it to become a satellite of the earth. When it passes through the earth, it is most likely not to be attracted by the gravity of the earth, but to be captured by the gravity of the sun and run to the sun. But the reality is that it has miraculously become a satellite of the earth, which is not normal behavior.

Many scientists in the scientific community believe that the mass of the moon is unable to capture the moon, so how it became a satellite of the earth is still a huge mystery.

The third mystery: the abnormal orbits of Venus and Uranus. According to the normal theory of planet formation, in the early solar system, eight planets formed one after another. In such a stellar system as the solar system, their rotation orbits should be the same, that is, from west to East, the sun rising from the East and falling from the West.

The rotation orbits of such planets are normal among the six major planets in the solar system, and they do not violate the planetary theory. But Uranus and Venus are unique. Their self orbit is completely opposite to the other six planets, from east to west. So when we stand on Venus, you will find that the sun rises in the West and sets in the East.

What’s the matter with such a thing that doesn’t conform to the laws of the planets in the solar system? Scientists speculate that an unknown powerful force may have changed the rotation direction of Venus and Uranus. What is this mysterious force so far? It also needs continuous scientific research and exploration.

Later, NASA input the earth’s billions of years of climate change laws, representative geological resources and other data into the computer model, successfully established the solar system evolution process from birth to the present more than 4 billion years, and also estimated the climate change in the solar system.

In this model of the evolution of the solar system, scientists have found an incredible answer, that is, billions of years ago, from the orbit of mercury to the orbit of Jupiter was a space climate suitable for the birth of life, but this climate suddenly disappeared about 600 million years ago, and 100 million years later, the “Cambrian life explosion” began on the earth, which seems not to have happened It’s too much of a coincidence.

Scientists speculate that this is unlikely to be a coincidence, but a human factor. It is possible that 600 million years ago, a large-scale interstellar war broke out in the solar system. In this interstellar war, all habitable planets in the solar system lost their lives. The planets between Mars and Jupiter were destroyed by energy weapons, and debris formed the asteroid belt.

The abnormal rotation orbits of Venus and Uranus may also be the result of this interstellar war, including the fact that the moon can become a satellite of the earth, which may also be artificially arranged, so that life on the earth can evolve safely and stably. It is possible that life on earth was artificially arranged after the war.

Of course, the above is just a guess of scientists. If we want to reveal the secrets of the solar system, we need to carry out detailed exploration of a large number of planets in the solar system. If a large-scale interstellar war broke out in the solar system 600 million years ago, it is impossible to completely eliminate the traces in the solar system. There must be traces left on some planets. As long as we can find these traces, we may be able to confirm scientists’ conjecture.

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