There are three unsolved mysteries in the universe. If any one is solved, human civilization will enter a new era

Since human beings entered the road of scientific and technological development, they soon realized the dream of flying to the sky, walked out of the earth and started the universe. In front of the vast universe, the earth and human beings are tiny beings. There are innumerable mysteries in the vast universe. The goal of human development of science and technology is to solve these mysteries one by one. By constantly solving the mysteries of the universe, we can also enhance the strength of human civilization. There are three unsolved mysteries of the universe. To solve any one of them will bring human civilization into a new era. Now let’s go to know the three unsolved mysteries of the universe with our friends.

1、 The mystery of stars, many people may say, what’s the secret of stars? Human science and technology has long known that the burning of stars is a nuclear fusion reaction. It’s a glowing fireball. There’s no secret. In fact, the complexity and mystery of stars are far beyond our imagination.

Stars are ubiquitous in the universe. There are at least 100 billion stars in the galaxy. They are the dazzling existence of the universe, bringing warmth and light to the cold and dark universe. And the birth of life is inseparable from the light and heat of stars. There is a galaxy around every star, with different number of planets around it, and some galaxies have more than two stars in management at the same time.

Stars are very much like the younger brother of the boss of the universe, responsible for the management of countless planets and other celestial bodies in the universe. So what are the secrets of stars?

The first is the way it burns. Modern science thinks that the burning of a star is the nuclear fusion inside it. No one is sure whether it is exactly like this.

And the exploration of stars is very difficult, such as the sun. Human detectors can only observe from a distance, and can’t get close at all, let alone enter the interior of the sun. One reason is that the mass of the sun accounts for 99.86% of the total mass of the solar system, and its gravity is also super strong. Another reason is that the humidity on the surface of the sun reaches 5000 degrees Celsius, and it will continue to increase with the deepening of the sun, so the humidity inside the sun is too high for us to imagine.

If the detector can’t get close to the sun or even go deep into the sun, our understanding of the sun is naturally limited. The only thing we can observe is the coronal matter ejected by the sun, but only from these surface things, we can’t really solve the mystery of the sun. Scientists want to understand the specific situation of a planet, in addition to the need for orbiters, more important is the need for landing probes.

Why do humans know more about Mars? The reason is that Mars can land the rover, so that we can learn more about the geological structure of Mars. Why do we know so little about Venus? The reason is that the atmosphere of Venus is thick, so the orbiter can’t penetrate the atmosphere to see the clear surface of Venus. Secondly, the humidity on the surface of Venus is as high as 460 degrees Celsius, and there is often acid rain, so it is difficult for the probe to land for a long time.

In the same way, if we want to have a comprehensive understanding of the sun, we must be close enough to the sun, or even into the interior, so that we can have a more comprehensive understanding of the sun. Once we have a comprehensive understanding of the sun, we have the hope to collect solar energy for our use.

With the rapid development of human science and technology, there will be more and more demand for resources in the future. The traditional chemical resources of the earth will continue to decrease, and we may face the problem of resource depletion in the future. Even though the earth’s traditional resources will not be reduced soon, once human science and technology develop to a certain extent, the earth’s resources and energy are limited and have no use. We need more powerful energy to replace them, and this energy is the energy of stars. Once human beings can collect and apply stellar energy, human civilization will usher in a new era.

2、 What is a black hole? What’s the usage? I believe that we are not unfamiliar with black holes. In April this year, the first black hole photo in human history was released, so that people have no doubt about the existence of black holes. Einstein’s theory of relativity conjectured the existence of black holes, but in recent decades, we almost know nothing about black holes. Of course, my real understanding of black holes is only the first picture of black holes, and I still don’t know the secrets of other black holes.

Black hole in our understanding, it is a phagocytic beast, can devour everything, big stars, small photons can devour. It is difficult for any substance to escape the fate of being engulfed if it only enters its accretion disk. It is because black holes can even devour light, so we can not directly observe the existence of black holes.

The reason why scientists can observe the existence of black holes is that when a black hole devours celestial bodies or other materials, it will form an accretion disk. This accretion disk moves around the center of the black hole at a high speed. At the same time, the materials in the accretion disk friction with each other to produce huge heat and radiation diffusion. The radiation of the accretion disk can be observed by astronomical telescopes.

However, such black holes are limited to supermassive black holes, which have large accretion disks and strong radiation energy and can be observed. For example, the supermassive black hole in the center of the Milky Way galaxy, the first black hole photo taken by human beings, 65 million light-years away from the earth, is also a supermassive black hole. In addition to this kind of black hole, other stellar black holes and smaller black holes are difficult to observe.

Black holes are the overlord of the universe, and there are not many of them, especially the stellar black holes in the universe may also be a large number, but such black holes are generally difficult to be observed by us. So what is the nature and function of black holes? Since they exist in large quantities in the universe, they can’t be useless celestial bodies. Are they just to devour celestial bodies and matter?

Some scientists have proposed that a black hole may be a wormhole. They think that the wormhole proposed in scientific theory, mapped to the universe, may be a black hole. I believe many people know the function of wormhole. In theory, wormhole is a door connecting different spaces. Through it, we can realize the rapid shuttle between the stars and realize the speed far faster than the speed of light.

We all know that the universe is so vast that we can’t imagine it. The speed of light in the universe can only be regarded as the speed of a snail. At such a speed, it is impossible to traverse the galaxy and the universe. So we also need a speed far beyond the speed of light, and to achieve that speed, scientists will want to put the hope on wormholes.

But we don’t know whether wormholes exist. It’s just a theoretical thing. If the black hole is a mysterious wormhole, it will be of great significance to human beings. Once we can solve the mystery of the black hole, we will have the hope to realize interstellar navigation and cross every corner of the universe.

3、 What is beyond the universe? As for the origin of our universe, the modern popular scientific view comes from the singularity explosion 13.8 billion years ago. But many people think of another question: what is beyond the universe? Some people may think that there is no distinction between the inside and outside of the universe, our universe is the only one, that is, everything, and there can be no other than the universe.

However, more people think that the universe also has inside and outside, just as the planet has inside and outside. If the universe had no outer space, how did the big bang happen 13.8 billion years ago? If there is no outer space in the universe, how can the universe expand continuously in the past 13.8 billion years? All phenomena tell us that there may be another space outside the universe.

For the world outside the universe, scientists also put forward different views. The most popular view is the multi cosmology. They think that the universe is not the only one. There is a more vast space outside the universe. There are many universes in that space. They are distributed in different places outside the universe, just like the distribution of stars in the universe.

If we can solve the mystery outside the universe, we have the hope to go out of this universe and explore other universes. At this time, human civilization may have been the most powerful civilization in our universe. At the same time, there is another bolder conjecture: is there only one civilization in our universe?

If the universe is pluralistic, just like there are countless galaxies, it is possible that there is only one civilization in each universe. If so, it is possible that human beings will not be exposed to other intelligent civilizations for a long time in the future. Only when human beings break through the limit of the universe and can walk out of the universe, may they be exposed to other intelligent civilizations of the universe.

The above three unsolved mysteries of the universe are just three of the many unsolved mysteries of the universe. In fact, there are many mysteries of the universe, such as the mystery of the big bang, the mystery of the expansion of the universe, the mystery of the birth of cosmic life, the mystery of dark matter and so on. Each of these mysteries is an obstacle to the progress of human civilization, and every obstacle removed will make human civilization stride forward, And finally came to the top of the universe civilization.

Guys, what do you think of this? Welcome to leave a message below to discuss and express your opinions.

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