There are three unsolved mysteries in the universe. Scientists say that if one is solved, human civilization will enter a new era

The universe is vast, and there are many mysteries waiting to be solved by human beings. With the continuous progress of science and technology, human beings have gone out of the earth to explore the universe, and have more and more knowledge of the universe. However, there are still many unsolved mysteries in the universe. Today, only three of them will be introduced. Scientists say that as long as one is solved, human civilization will achieve a qualitative leap, Enter a new era.

The first is the mystery of stars. I believe we are all familiar with stars. The sun is one of the stars. The life of the earth can not live without the sun. Without the light and heat of the sun, there will be no birth of all things on earth and human beings.

The universe is vast and vast. There are countless galaxies. There are one or several stars in the center of each galaxy. The star is the core of the galaxy and also the manager of a galaxy. Stars rely on their own strong mass, strong gravitational attraction to manage the number of planets and other celestial bodies. The mass of a star determines the size of a galaxy.

The biggest characteristic of a star is that it can generate light and heat. According to the research of scientists, there is a strong nuclear fusion reaction inside the star. The energy generated by nuclear fusion radiates to the surface of the star, making the star look like a huge fireball. This is also the only bright spot in the universe. It is the existence of these stars that gives the Dark Universe a little light, the birth of various living planets, and the emergence of intelligent civilization.

Although stars are very visible in the universe, we know very little about them. The main reason why stars are difficult to study and detect is that their temperature is too high, and the surface temperature is more than 5000 degrees. The deeper they go, the higher the temperature is. It is difficult for human detectors to approach stars to detect them. Take the sun of the solar system as an example. The new Parker solar probe launched last year is a collection of the highest technology of mankind.

Parker solar probe has created a new record of human approaching. At present, it is 2400 km away from the sun, and it will continue to approach the sun in the future. The nearest distance is only 650 km away from the surface of the sun. Many scenes of the sun can be photographed at such a close distance, and scientists have a new understanding of the sun through these photos.

However, these cognitions may only be the tip of the iceberg of the mystery of stars. To really uncover the mystery of stars, we still need to land on the surface of stars. However, it is not easy to go deep into the burning high temperature layer of the sun and enter the interior. No one knows how high the temperature inside the sun will be. Scientists believe that once human beings have mastered the mystery of stars one day, we can use the energy of stars. At that time, human civilization may directly cross a level and enter a new level of civilization.

According to the scientists’ classification standard of the four levels of civilization in the universe, the energy of stars can be used to indicate that the civilization level has reached the second level, while the human civilization level is only 0.7 at present. The development of human civilization is inseparable from energy. The earth’s resources are limited, so it is impossible for human development. In the future, it is necessary to exploit and utilize the energy of the universe. Besides the invisible dark energy, the powerful energy in the universe is the most powerful energy of stars.

The second, full of mysterious black holes, the vast universe in addition to stars, planets and other common celestial bodies, there are also some very mysterious special celestial bodies, among which black holes are the most mysterious celestial bodies. Modern science believes that black holes are the result of the collapse of stars. There is no definite answer whether it is.

Scientists believe that the center of a black hole is a singularity with infinite density and infinitesimal volume. For singularity, I believe friends have heard that our universe is from the singularity big bang.

Therefore, black holes may be related to the origin and ultimate mystery of the universe. If human beings can solve the mystery of black holes, they may have more understanding of the nature of the universe, and even uncover the ultimate mystery of the universe. The phagocytic power of black holes is very strong. No matter you are a small celestial body or a celestial body as big as a star, you can’t escape the phagocytosis of black holes.

A black hole is the bandit and overlord of the universe. Wherever it goes, it devours it, and wherever it goes, there is no grass. So what is a black hole? For this problem, scientists have put forward a lot of conjectures. One conjecture has been supported by many people. Some scientists conjecture that a black hole may be a wormhole, through which it can travel through space and instantly reach the other end of the universe.

If a black hole is a space gate, it will be of great significance to human beings. You know, the universe is too big, hundreds of light years, tens of thousands of light years is nothing, even millions of light years, tens of millions of light years is just a very short distance in the universe. If so, is it still possible for human beings to travel all over the universe and explore the ultimate mystery of the universe?

With the rapid development of human science and technology, it is very difficult for a spaceship to reach the speed of light, let alone fly faster than light. This process may take a very long time. Even if human beings can fly faster than the speed of light in the future, in the face of the vast universe, it may only be faster than the ordinary speed. You should know that the universe has been expanding, and the expansion speed may also exceed the speed of light.

Therefore, if we want to realize the dream of exploring the universe, we must have a faster speed, which is far faster than the speed of light and human’s cognition of speed. Scientists put forward the concept of wormhole through research.

Wormhole is the result of enlarging the cracks in the universe. Through research, scientific love found that our universe is not flat. If we make the universe many times larger, we will find that the universe is full of many cracks in space. These cracks are wormhole spaces. However, these cracks are too small to allow objects to pass through. If you want the spaceship to pass through, you must make the wormhole large enough.

Scientists believe that there may be natural wormholes in the universe, and black holes may be wormholes. If this is the case, it is possible for human beings to realize the rapid passage of the universe through black holes in the future.

Third, does the white hole exist? We all know that black holes can devour everything, but everything has Yin and Yang. Does the existence of black holes mean that white holes also exist? Black holes devour everything, while white holes exhale everything. The white hole can check the existence of black hole, because a celestial body with infinite mass but infinitesimal volume can keep stable. The reason may be that the white hole can spit out the energy absorbed by the black hole. It’s possible that the stability of the universe is maintained by both of them.

Of course, scientists are still in the stage of conceptual research on whether there is a white hole. At present, no white hole has been observed in the universe. Whether the other side of the black hole is a white hole is also a complete mystery.

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